Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black sheep shenanigans

By this time, The Church of Satan is an established religion, a noble cadre of ladies, gentleman, and rogues, carnal devils all, with our own traditions and occulture. Since the ignition of The Age of Fire, by the blasts of the Hell cannons, "God" was declared dead, the imposition executed, foreign to our sensibilities and predispositions, banished from our consciousness forever more, that we may pursue the abyssal dimensions of Self to the furthermost regions of limitless possibilities.

Thus enthroned by our own volition, We have our own chapels in our lairs, our own created worlds, literature, black arts & crafts, and have no need to traverse other religions, nor are they of any significance to us. From the charnel womb of The Black Mass, uttering vile words of blasphemy, the ultimate rebel triumphant, preserving and exercising the essence of The Beast, unto the noble rites of The High Mass, such is the evolution unto the pinnacle of Auto-Deism, molding energy and reality as we see fit.

SATAN is the totality, The All-One, as the elements, The Dark Force in Nature, psychological inspiration, symbol, archetype, reflection daemonic, complete unto Ourselves, resonant, encircling, pervading. Perfect completion, though always evolving.

It is not necessary to sink to the level of the blindlighter, to deface that which is nonnative to us. A well-deserved Curse would suffice, while those seeking to solemnify their vows need not soil their vestments. Those without shall continue to crumble and blow away in the winds of change. If Satan has been the best friend the christian church has ever had, the church has remained an ingrate, and shall no longer be attended to. ∞

* Related: Conjuring Confusion by Magus Peter H. Gilmore.

Tags: devil-worshippers, marriage, nefarious news, religion, social commentary, wedding

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