Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Fool on the precipice...

This act was recently brought to My attention, and quite honestly, I did not find this buffoon particularly entertaining. Seems like a rather gratuitous & irrelative skit focusing on stereotypes for the amusement of the herd, although he does look a bit like Beavis. There is a sensed subtle undercurrent of a passive-aggressive attitude belying the attempted humor. Seems that obnoxiousness has replaced talent amongst the commoners.

For instance, why is he dressed in ritual robes for the routine? Such is for The Black Chapel. A nice suit & tie would suffice. Chances are high that there is a Satanist in any given audience at whatever venue at any given time, and though we do have professional comedians in our ranks, we do not necessitate such hypothetical events.

In My estimation, instead of being fodder for the inferior herd, a real proposed Satanic comedian would point a finger thereunto, in a rather Addams Family vein, plus, there are several carnal comedians with a piecing wit to enjoy - George Carlin for one, and those featured on The Devil's Mischief.

Seems like just another instance of just another goofball attempting to ride the outskirts of The Elite while the assembled crowd glibly nod at the ridicule. Though Satanists definitely do have a sense of humor {albeit a 'black' one, as it were}, it is appropriately granted to those who deserve attention for their talent.

Also, that individual subject to that joke of an 'interview' is not a Citizen of The Infernal Empire. There certainly is a damned good reason why the cards are dispensed, as should be obvious by witnessing this presentation.

Depending upon the purpose and intent of the segment, woe be to those who mock The Just and Strong. Could be the joke is on you... ∞

Tags: comedy, herd mentality, humor, loki's laughter, satanism, video

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