Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Satanic Panic Alert

Today seems to be quite the nefarious news day, under the subjects of Satanic Panic and {non-sexual} necrophilia:

ITEM: Devil Worship Matricide

Don't know what she may have said or done, but was assuredly not deserving of this merciless fate. The individual was under quite a bit of stress with the recent demise of his girlfriend, plus it was alleged that he was mentally unstable as it was {possibly psychopathic}, but unless it was for some sort of self-defense feeling that his own life was in danger, or unfortunate accident, which the case substantiates as not the matter, this was obviously perpetrated in a moment of bad decision or impulse combined with a misled sense of justification {anti-christian dualistic framework}, results in this completely un-Satanic situation both for the victim and the murderer.

Shades of the Satanic Panic here, particularly the case of Tommy Sullivan, who also killed his mother, but then himself. Sad thing is there was allegedly a copy of The Satanic Bible at the residence, yet even then it was misunderstood by the killer, or perhaps not even considered. Incarceration is stasis, preventing indulgence and the freedom to excel in life, despite whatever minimal interaction there may be. Seems that perhaps more attention was paid to the grisly scenarios of SP programs like Exposing Satan's Underground and the like, leading to a predictable life of crime & misery, rather than thoughtfully reading The Satanic Bible, while applying its principles to lead a gratifying, fulfilling life of Power and Pleasure. So in this sense, stratification takes its course.

There is no 'sacrificial satanic holiday' on February 2nd, which would be the pagan "Imbolc", and the catholic "Candlemass". Primary Satanic Holidays are Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, the solstices and equinoxes, with the Highest being One's Own Nativity; I personally also recognize the phases of the moon. February 1st, or 'Dracmas' {"Candlemas Evil", if you will}, happens to be the Draconian Highest Holiday, but no certain "sacrifice" is required, not counting appreciated offerings of sensual delights and monetary benefaction. There certainly is a dark wave of energy shortly prior, on and after Dracmas, which are natural Shadow Forces at work in the world.

References to "sacrifice" in The Satanic Bible are purely symbolic in the form of a Ritual Curse directed to those who are deserving, for justice and vengeance. Punishment for an offense.

This case reminds Me of another one which occurred recently shortly before arriving in that former locale, in which a killer with a 666 tattoo over one eye was charged with the murder of a grandma, whom he 'suspected' as being a police informant, which she wasn't, while his drug-induced paranoia state of existence as a pusher and addict prompted the crime.

In both of these cases, it can be analyzed that these were losers, criminals, & mental cases who may have been attracted to the occult for all the wrong reasons, seeking some sort of validation for a life that has lost any meaning, and otherwise one that had no real purpose to begin with. Ironically, the most Satanic element would be in the cause and effect punishment upon criminals who would ideally get what they deserve, vis-à-vis: Legis Draconum, Lex Talionis.

It is well to highlight these types of cases once in awhile, as a reminder that these are isolated events which have nothing to do with The Church of Satan.

We Satanists reject these types and their behavior. As Our Founder Magus LaVey observed, Satanism is a Winner's Creed dedicated to the productive furtherment of Self. ∞

Satan Sleuth
- Sgt. Daemon,
Satan's Sleuth.

ITEM: Austrian man charged after 56 human skulls are found at his home.

According to the description, it seems he may have been attempting to sell the skull & bones with a totenkopf motif. It is far better to acquire such a collection via legal sources, which are much higher quality {better preserved with petrification upon request}, than those acquired by grave digging. Enjoy your morbid collection without worry. ∞

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