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Terrorizer gives The Devil His due!

The Devil’s Music: “I dreamed I had made a pact with the Devil for my soul”

TERRORIZER: The Devil's MusicTERRORIZER presents: The Devil's Music
May XLVIII / 2013 c.e. Dark Arts Ltd., 99 pages. Genre: Music, history, literature

Many are the masks of Satan, archetypically manifesting in all genres of the arts in one form or another. From the diabolical gentleman, to a demonic monster, a reflection, even a God, metaphor, and everything in-between. After all, the realm of theater, the imagination, mystique and charm are the foremost tools of Satan, the psychodrama of the mind as a portal to that great Abyss within, enhancing for entertainment, and philosophically, in a careful balance to those who truly ride with The Devil.

I happen to appreciate an eclectic combination of genres in music, film, literature, and aesthetics. Musically, from Classical, operatic, orchestral, choral, to ambient, instrumental, retro pop, jazz, blues {even some country and 'ethnic'!}, rock, Goth rock, Metal, and various sub-genres therein; and they all depend upon the mood and purpose at the time.

Now, I do not normally acquire Metal magazines, but this particular collection has amalgamated many of the choice musicians from this genre I appreciate, along with histories, interviews, hellish illustrations throughout, and comes as both reference material as well as evocative enjoyment while also supplementing such tomes as Lucifer Rising and Lords of Chaos.

Black Genesis

From a publication like Terrorizer to feature "The Devil's Music", it actually does a sterling job with an introductory history of some of the nefarious origins of those composers who expressed their own pacts such as Wagner, Paganini, Tartini, Strauss, & Liszt. There are others of course, but these are addressed herein. From Diabolus In Musica, The Devil's Tritone, to plays inspired by Milton's Paradise Lost and Dante's Inferno, and of course, the masterpiece opus Götterdämmerung.

* Further reading: "Satanic Music: That Old Black Magic". [Appendix II, The Church of Satan by Blanche Barton, p. 149]

Satan Takes A Holiday at The Devil's Ball

We then move onto further manifestations at the crossroads with Irving Berlin and Robert Johnson. Mentions of Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones {His Satanic Majesty's Request, of course}, The Beatles {Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band's inclusion of Occultist Aleister Crowley on the album art}, even Elvis {the gyrating hips, & who with The Beatles, proved to be 'The Devil in Disguise' with fainting generations acting in kind}, & Johnny Cash, with nods to The Devil with canticles like 'Ghost Riders in the sky', 'Ring of Fire', 'Thirteen', 'The Beast In Me', and other songs. Incrementally through history, we can see how The Dark Force has weaved through the entertainment industry, inspiring entertainers and musicians to extoll The Prince of Darkness by expressing their own creativity and dark sides.

Children of Blood & Fire

Herein we move into the various sub-genres classified as Metal, beginning with articles on Doom & Goth Metal, to Black Metal & Death Metal; with their progeneration, and current evolutions.

Interviews / band biographies include that with Jinx Dawson of Coven, a marvelous feature on King Diamond & Mercyful Fate with interview, followed by Darkness Descends: The Culture of Dark, Satanic, & Ritualistic Music, which attempts to trace some of the genre's nefarious origins from Satanism {in which Jason Mendonca of Ackercocke actually explains it reasonably well for the quip}, to The Knights Templar, the Ouija Board, and Witchcraft from the Middle Ages; Under 'The Devil's Culture' section, the article 'Come To The Sabbath' lists several enjoyable horror movies like Black Sabbath, Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, From Beyond The Grave, The House That Dripped Blood, The Devil Rides Out, and many others, notably The Wicker Man, as diabolical influences upon the Metal strata for theatrical cues & lyrical content, which is undeniable.

Black Metal is discussed next in its own section, with origin articles of same, featuring an interview with Cronos who favorably observes the development of the genre he named. In 'The Second Coming', Dani Filth grants his own impressions of the genre's procession with some personal relations. An article on the band 'Dissection' relates the late singer's opinions on his 'spiritual' meanderings; there's also interviews with Kev Bower of Hell, Pagan-oriented Martin Walkyier of Sabbat {"Reasons To Be Heathen"}, Brian Ross {Satan, Blitzkrieg, Avenger}, Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke, and further down, a great article on Ghost B.C., "Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats" {Doom}, Purson {beautiful darkness}, & the promising Satan's Wrath.

A definite favorite section is the 'Wicked Women' segment dedicated to some fiery females with brief biographies, featuring the likes of Jinx Dawson {Coven}, Rosalie Cunningham of Purson, Farida Lamouchi of The Devil's Blood, Liz Buckingham of Electric Wizard, Chelsea Wolfe, Jess & The Ancient Ones, Sera Timms & Kelly Johnson {Ides of Gemini}, Shandra Fredrick {Demon Lung}, Ajia O' Brien {Blood Ceremony}, and Jex Thoth of Sabbath Assembly. Further in the issue under the section "Fresh Sacrifices", a corollary piece with elaborations of same, along with several other newly 'baptized' bands {including Ghost} traveling upon the river Styx to join the fray.

An article on the history of Satanic Panic era is included, detailing some of the bands who were blamed by fundamentalists as leading children to Hell, from Iron Maiden to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC to Judas Priest, and of course, Venom & Slayer, various superstitions, mythology, and it is a good inclusion to clarify some of the personal beliefs of some of the musicians herein, some who consider themselves Satanists {with King Diamond being an actual member of The Church of Satan}, others who are actually anti-christian devil-worshipers, to various other occult beliefs and traditions, many who use the aesthetics for shock value, all from the serious to the flippant. Hell, there's even a section on so-called "White Metal" entitled 'Once Upon The Cross' {amusingly named after the Deicide album}, who are really missing out on the fun.

The issue concludes with 'The Devil Has All The Best Tunes', which lists 75 prominent albums {of the Metal genre, that is}, with the subsequent 'Devil's Essentials', an alphabetical A-Z listing of terms, including 'D' for The Devil, 'K' for King Diamond, 'L' for Anton LaVey, 'P' for Pentagram, 'W' for Wagner, 'T' for Tritone, and 'S' for the ubiquitous 'Six Six Six', of course.

Overall, this issue is indeed a gem on Metal's fiendish history and reputation, which definitely supplements the books Lords of Chaos and Lucifer Rising. Recommended to bring to the party and/or the 'music history' class, while recognizing the "fingers which dance upon the strings like fire". ∞

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