Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Terrorizer: The Devil's Music

Very pleased to have just ordered Terrorizer "The Devil's Music" collector's edition. I do not normally order Metal magazines, but this particular issue features many of the relevant bands of this genre I Am interested in, with new interviews, histories, rare photographs, and presented in a darkly aesthetic style I can appreciate.

From the previews I have viewed, this looks like quite a worthwhile possession, and I believe it will be a great compliment to Lucifer Rising and Lords of Chaos. ∞

Addendum {7/5}

Received this publication today, and so far after reading a few pages, it is excellent. It starts off with the roots of deviltry in classical music to the blues, and early Rock 'n' Roll, then on to Heavy Metal and various sub-genres therein. Each page is awash in arcane and hellish backgrounds, with interviews throughout from Cronos to King Diamond. The Drac senses were correct! This is a gem. ∞

* Related: Terrorizer gives The Devil His due!

Tags: art, evocation, king diamond, literature, magazine, malefick musick, metal, music

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