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KARR resurrected!


Here comes trouble...

Whether awakened from his slumber in the warehouse, or buried underneath sand at the beach, or even reassembled after the final? battle, I Am very pleased to welcome the Hotwheels K.A.R.R. model to The Noctuary, or "Knight Automated Roving Robot", now taking his place near K.I.T.T. by the KR Collection.

While KITT's primary directive is the preservation of human life, KARR'S is self-preservation. KARR was Wilton Knight's prototype for the car of the future, which became a dangerous experiment, refers to KITT as an "inferior production model", whereas KITT refers to himself as the "new & improved model", and they can't stand each other. KARR appears on two episodes: "Trust Doesn't Rust" [S1, E9] & "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R." [S3, E6], and it is always a pleasure to enjoy them when they come up.

Top-quality die-cast metal, with tires rendered in a soft rubbery plastic, which holds some traction. He is a small bit heavier than KITT, 3" scale, with a black dashboard, intricately detailed {monitors, voice box, controls, etc.} and a darker tint to the windows, KARR license plate, and his characteristic two-tone shell with yellow/orange scanner.

You know, I hear KARR has reinforced his scanner, and is virtually impenetrable now... ∞

Tags: automotive, evocation, kitt, knight rider, possessions, retroprogression, toys

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