DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Underworld Amusements Brimstone pin

Brimstone Lapel Pin by Underworld Amusements

Between the Schwarze Sonne and the super moon, the brimstone comes blazing forth up from the earth. a Solstice blessing from Hell.

To Me, when I ponder the brimstone symbol, what I see immediately is the infinity symbol {∞} signifying immortality, a timeless recycling of energy and life-force, animus, black flame, ever regenerating, alluding to the expression "Life everlasting, world without end!"

The affixed "double dagger" {‡} signifying "As Above, So Below", the materialization of Will. By itself, was actually used by de-facto forebears The Knights Templar, so named the "Cross of Lorraine", as actually representative of Baphomet.

Brimstone & Sulphur have always been associated with the nether regions, representing Hell & Earth, and would therefore be significant of BELIAL*; with that distinctive scent reminiscent of Magic intermingled with incense and candles, parchment, which is why I personally prefer to strike a match to candles, rather than other methods of ignition.

Placed above The Nine Satanic Statements in The Satanic Bible, it indicates core, the bedrock, the foundation of the Satanic religion / philosophy, with its further expressions and application stemming forth therefrom.

I Am pleased to possess this elegant item, acquired by pledging to manifest the Spanish translation of The Satanic Scriptures, with many more other translations to follow. Of course, this pin can be used on the lapel, on a tie, or even on a shirt's collar, or centralized like a pendant. ∞

  • They can now be ordered directly from UA.

* Notably, there may additionally be some influential derivation in the Ouroboros {as postulated by Magister Robert Lang} with the possibility of the serpentine Leviathan {Water} elementally merged with the endless cycle in perpetuity, & the dual cross 'branches' as the Yggdrasil Tree of life {Earth}.

Tags: belial, black earth, magic, possessions

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