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The Devil's Diary VII

The Devil's Diary VII: Halloween XXXIX A.S.

Sent out another batch of Devil's Diaries.

Contents include: Unholy Matrimony by Satan's Angel, Descent of The Incubi by Donald Swain, What Makes Satanism So Different? by Paul Hill, The Infernal Orchestra by DB, Freedom of Choice by Kyle Whittaker, Hot Seat with Wally George, A Eulogy by DB; Is Little Caesar's Satanic? by Loki, Jesus Christ Must Be The Devil by Paul Hill, Black Heart Poetry by DB, Lianna Diabolique, Draconis Nosferatus, and Kali Sekhmet; Cover image {"Lovecraftian Orgy"} features artwork by Tim Bishop, back cover features art by K. Nosifer {"Precious Lifeforce"}. Plus Noctuarium Multi-Media reviews: The Black Earth, Satan's Scroll, Spechtreum, and Malefik Musick.

* Subscriptions / Submissions: Essays, Fiction, Polemic, Art, Photography, Discography, Bibliography, Videography reviews, Poetry.
* $6.00 for single Issue + $2.00 S/H; $12.00 one year + $3.00 S/H. Unleashed for Walpurgisnacht & Halloween/Winter Solstice.
* Note: Submissions demonstrating anti-CoS sentiment will not be included.
* Contact The Editor-In-Chief: DBlackthorne@yahoo.com for ordering information and submissions.
* We are currently taking submissions for The Devil's Diary #VIII: Walpurgisnacht XL A.S. Deadline is April 23rd.


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