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The Nightstalker: The Life & Crimes of Richard Ramirez by Philip CarloWeb of Darkness by Sean SellersSay You Love Satan by David St. ClairThe Wit & Wisdom of Archie Bunker

For the Satanic Panic section of the Draconian Library: So I recently decided to supplement My literary collection with some true crime fare dealing with cases that have been of interest, particularly the Satanic Panic subject, as well as repossessing some items which may have been misplaced while relocating. Here we have:

  • The Nightstalker: The Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez by Philip Carlo. So far the best case history on this case to date, including interviews with Ramirez as well as his victims, detailed relations, candid photographs, and incisive commentary. [read/repossessed] [✓]
  • Night Stalker by Clifford Linedecker. Unread as of yet, but seems interesting from the preview content and liner notes. [✓]
  • Web of Darkness by Sean Sellers. Written by Sellers himself, this should prove to be a most amusing perusal into the mind of one who blatantly misunderstood the concepts of Satanism, though he seemed intelligent enough to read it, but not perceptive enough to fully comprehend it, much less apply it. [✓]
  • Say You Love Satan by David St. Clair. The drug-addled antics of the so-called "Acid King" and his obsession with devil worship and Metal music. [read/repossessed] [✓]
  • The Best of Talk Back with Bob Larson. Claims "The DVD footage I discovered is amazing. You actually see the demons in the eyes of those who worship Satan. The audio CD will remind you of the evil we face every day and the devil’s relentless plan to attack Christians." Real Satanists could care less, being that we have our own traditions, and are not dependent on christianity for philosophical or religious perspectives. Just mostly to see if this collection contains some of the sought after interviews with actual representatives of The Church of Satan from the show's archival material for personal enjoyment; otherwise, makes for quite amusing viewing! [DVD/CD] [✓]*
Some additional possessions & material:
  • K.A.R.R. [Knight Automated Roving Robot] by Hotwheels. K.I.T.T.'s near doppelganger & nemesis, to accompany the HW series KITT model in possession. [✓]
  • The Wit & Wisdom of Archie Bunker. Having appreciated this series since forever, and time and again, I thought it providential to acquire this collection of quotations from the irrepressible Archie Bunker. [✓]

* 7/22: This one was rather disappointing. A crudely arranged presentation arriving in a cheap paper sleeve, containing a series of "exorcisms", with dvd only. No audio outtakes from the Talk Back radio show on cd included. Just like they do with Satanism, however, this is a misrepresentation of their very own product as well. So I just placed it into the bargain-basement "Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth" book. Not recommended Grade: 'F' for False Advertising.

* Related: Remmus of Hate.

Tags: abnormal psychology, anthropology, biography, books, crime, criminology, devil worship, kitt, knight rider, literature, misanthropology, satanic panic, sociology

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