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Archival Satanic Interviews

Infernal Empire History

Additionally, following are some viewing/listening suggestions for interview archives, that the following presentations be digitized & made available on the web to view/listen, or in a collection for possession:

    Andre Schlesinger on C2C AM
  • 1. Anton LaVey on The Phil Donahue Show. Being appreciative of his interview style, it would be most pleasurable to watch this interaction.
  • 2. Anton LaVey on The Tonight Show: The Year III A.S./1969 ce 7th Anniversary Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in which Magus LaVey conjures success for the coming year.
  • 3. Bob Larson's 'In Satan's Name' televised series [1996 c.e.]: Interviews with Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Rex Diabolus Church, Thomas Thorn, Boyd Rice. {forthcoming]
  • 4. Reverend Andre Schlesinger on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell. [11/20/98]. I checked the C2C wesite's archived shows section, which actually ends the week after this program aired. I managed to tape most of it over two cassettes with commercials excluded.
  • 5. Pacesetters show with Randy Emon [KHJ]. A full hour with the 'Satan Sleuth' who presents exhibits and relates stories about his experiences as the 'Occult Cop'. Other guests include several ex-dabblers.
  • 6. America's Best Kept Secret: A Look at Modern Day Satanism [Satanic Panic Archives].
  • 7. The June Cain Miller Show on Satanism. An acquaintance of Emon's displays exhibits and slideshows for the startled audience.
  • 8. TBN program which featured a Church of Satan Grotto ritual. The hosts actually attend a Satanic Ritual in which a young woman is seated upon a throne assuming the Sabbatic Baphomet pose, in which desires are read and deposited at her feet within a cauldron.
  • 9. Magus Gilmore on Tech TV. Speaks about the Apple logo shenanigans. We think TOO different! []
  • 10. Magistra Barton Unscrewed. A light-hearted show with plenty of holiday decorations, and even a bubbling cauldron! []

Thanks to The Church of Satan Interview Archive [V.1] by Purging Talon [], and video channels, several other remarkable interviews have been preserved. ∞

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