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This piqued My interest recently: So what are the so-called Jordan Codices? Supposedly, these are up to 70 little lead & metal books bound in rings containing etched and embossed Hebraic and Greek characters as found in a cave in Jordan, alleged to date back to the advent of the christian religion. Since their "discovery", they were claimed to be forgeries with the British individual responsible for bringing them worldwide attention by the name of 'Elkington', himself demonstrating questionable credentials {probably seeking attention and hoping to profit}. It has also been claimed that these types of items are rather commonly distributed to tourists as more or less mere souvenirs from that culture.

My first impression was that these are essentially 'spells', perhaps forged by Kabbalists {Hebrew mystics} and buried, much like some other paleolithic cultures have done with their variations. It has actually been prescribed in these traditions {specifically Solomonic directions} that grimoires be bound with metal front and back covers, etched with certain words of power, inclusive of the unspeakable name of the Hebraic God as seals to the demonic and angelic incantations and invocations writ within. The fact that most of these 'codices' are sealed by metal rings mean that they are not meant to be read by the common observer, suggesting some sort of Magical protective connotation.

Now, realizing that just about anything can be translated from the vague parables of the Old and New Testaments, these can foreseeably be deciphered as the "seven seals of the apocalypse", whereupon when and if the correct ones are opened, will release the prophetic tribulations of the book of Revelations. It could be supposed that many fakes were since created from their times of origin and ever since to set all but only the most astute religious archeologist off the track, until all are finally collected to being about an 'Armageddon'.

Otherwise, makes for a good action-adventure story, not unlike the Indiana Jones series, and could aesthetically be applicable to the Cthulhu mythos as well.

Can such artifacts contain some sort of Power? As much as a Sorcerer can infuse objects with thought-form projections via concentration and psychodrama, tulpas emanating from within, so can objects with the specific purpose of will-to-be assume a radiant energy receptacle.

Still, as has been seen with other erstwhile artifacts, because fundamentalist types are just aching for any validation to their fictional cause, could actually bring such a scenario to reality with their psychotic behavior, such as has been witnessed from their blindlight Islamic brethren, who are merely psychopaths with religious justifications for their insanity. In short, a manifest destiny. ∞

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Tags: archeology, blindlighters, christianity, grimoires, history, mythology, psychology, psychology of religion, superstition

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