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The Night Stalker


Personally, My interest in the Nightstalker case goes as far as a criminological context, as one of the most intriguing ones to date, plus the fact that it was part of the Satanic Panic, which I experienced as a Dracling, and still holds a morbid fascination in perusing the abnormal psychology aspects, unrestrained primal impulses devoid of discipline, and fueled by narcotics. The man obviously had a very visceral understanding of Satanism, and as far as The Church of Satan is concerned, is not a Satanist at all; and though he may have read The Satanic Bible, it was obviously not fully understood.

Ramirez is the materialized product of christian fear, embodying their paranoias as the nightmarish psychotic killer from Hell. Considered a devil worshipper, he did not adhere to Satanic principles at all, but merely ran amok with the opposing viewpoint dependent on christianity.

In a misanthropic, if not a Darwinistic context, such serial killers and mass murderers serve to thin the herd, and most often themselves in the process. Out of the Satanic Panic cast of characters, I simply find Ramirez the most interesting of the bunch. No wonder there are trading cards, calendars, and their drawings are sought after!

Although as far as historical serial killers are concerned, I would have to say that Jack The Ripper, The Zodiac Killer, & one of the most all-time interesting of all in the genre is the so-called "first serial killer", one H. H. Holmes. ∞

* A&E Biography.
* Born To Kill?.
* The Nightstalker: Capture & Trial.

"I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil. Legions of the night, nightbreed... repeat not the errors of the night prowler, and show no mercy. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells in us all."
Reign In Hell.

{It is also interesting to consider certain nefarious numerological dynamics which took place.
  • There were 13 victims.
  • On 6/6/06, files for an appeal hearing to overturn sentence.
  • Also on 6/6/06, deceptive author Jason Moss who had lied about personal information and intent about Ramirez {& others} commits suicide. A veritable 'sacrifice'.
  • "Goes to Hell" in the pre-dawn hours of the night on 6/6/13.


Addendum: At the time, I had just moved to the San Gabriel Valley from the San Fernando Valley, and had not even heard about Ramirez until an acquaintance related the goings-on the news while attending a new school {afterwards, I had actually attended one of his media circus court dates while in the area}.

Because of the atmos-fear pervading, special attention was paid to Devin Black who was a conundrum in himself, being a stellar student excelling in academic studies, yet presenting a diabolical aesthetic and being a known and prideful Satanist. There even was a local 'task force' headed by a resident "Occult Cop/Satan Sleuth" who took great interest in My presence, perhaps with the secret hopes of catching another such individual. It was not to be, but it certainly was quite an amusing experience. ∞

Close Encounter of the 666 Kind

Contingent upon the relation of attending one of his court dates, I now also seem to recall another interesting situation occurring earlier while still residing in North Hollywood. As My friend 'Rick' {ironically} at the time, and I were skateboarding halfway down a neighborhood street {we both had long hair, wore Metal shirts, and looked like "rockers"}, a car driving down the cross street behind us suddenly stopped in the middle of the intersection, and just quietly sat there. The driver could not be seen covered in shadow, but a hand gesticulating The Cornu slowly emerged, palm facing inwards, knuckles out. It was a wonderfully ominous sight. There certainly seemed to be a dark energy present. Rick went to go see what if anything the driver wanted; well, with an almost ashen look on his face, Rick just rode back to Me and said "Let's go..." - he never did tell Me what the mysterious driver may have said to him.

Now, considering the dates and relative location of The Nightstalker's residence {The Cecil} and LA area crimes {primarily SFV & SGV Foothill cities}, it could very well have been him, maybe with the intent of greeting fellow 'rockers' or even "Devil's Children", perhaps. ∞

* Satanic Serenades: XIII Floors.
* The Black Earth: Thirteen Floors The Shadow Side.

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