Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

All in The Family

My parents have always been like Edith and Archie Bunker in so many ways. Her, with the dainty, playful, demure child-like innocence, but strong nonetheless when needs be. Certainly, the closest thing to a genuine christian I have ever known. Him, very much like Archie Bunker, but devoid of any of the lovable charm, despite the irascible and bigoted characteristics. Unlike Edith however, who despite all of his cultivated ignorance & overall unpleasantness, loves the jerk for some reason, perhaps out of habit, disproportionately focusing primarily on any positive aspects there may be.

In My mom's case, it's not like she dislikes him, she loathes him, in a most passive-aggressive, yet pro-active manner, with decades of chosen separation, which he has never quite been able to process. Having a heavy Catholic background, she only married him because of religious tradition and questionable circumstances to be right with "God", thus absolving her conscious as well, though she did nothing wrong. More like a 'just in case' scenario. He also considers himself some sort of 'christian', but embodies hardly any of the prescribed behavior; moreso in name only.

In the cold war era where women were viewed essentially as property to serve the man, where he'd come home from the 9-5 job and/or from the local bar after drinking with the fellas, it was expected for men to display a certain amount of chauvinism and vice-versa, in what came to be known as the so-called "battle of the sexes", misogyny & misandry for no good reason - a love/hate masochism. Unless it is a fetish, such as with D&s role-paying fantasy, evolution has established merit for respectability and practicality, not outmoded expected social mores.

What happens in most instances, is Hollywood writers take an example from common relationships, perhaps they have experienced from others or themselves, or even their own parents, and exaggerate it to provide the most entertaining show, then the herd emulate it until fully integration is established, rotten traits and all. Those traits may have been there all along, which the programming exacerbates and makes worse with the bad ideas and negative personalities presented before them.

Overall, despite whatever philosophical and religious differences we may have, I love My mother, and take great pleasure in being in her company. I don't like him, and prefer as minimal interaction, if any, as possible. ∞

Tags: dracling, dracumentary, infernal progeny

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