Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A Blessing from Bast...

Last night sees another member of The Blackthorne Family. Her name is tentatively Jeannie "Leilani" Lucipurr Blackthorne. Jeannie, as in I Dream Of Jeannie, named after the Barbara Eden character, particularly her eyes; 'Leilani' in recognition of the Polynesian location derived, thusly named initially; a sweet little black & white tabby kitten rescued from the Hollywood streets and found at Tiki Ti by the owners, who requested she be adopted ASAP. I spotted the announcement, and though I was not looking to add another cat, I instinctively knew that we were her only chance, thusly confirmed through the weekend. So, after her preliminary procedures, she was brought to The Blackthorne Lair. She was rather skinny at first, but took quickly to Fancy Feast kitten food and has been steadily gaining weight.

It seems that perhaps she was previously adopted, as she was well familiar with a litter box, and since she was roaming around for a few weeks with no one to claim her, foraging for food destined to become yet another stray cat, she was abandoned, and since the other option was possibly a shelter, it was decided that she reside with us.

She found a nice comfortable spot underneath the canopy bed as she acclimates to her new environment and the other resident felines, who have accepted her fully now, and she, they, with Samhain {large, short-haired Siamese mix} still a bit reticently. Tonight she settled upon the black sheets snuggling at our hooves, purring pleasantly through the night. The option for a Baptism is being considered, as a formal inauguration into the 'tribe', for our philosophical / religious affirmation. ∞

Tags: animals, cats, dracumentary, familiars, noctuary

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