DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Infernal Empire Devilutions

Church of Satan

Church of Satan News: Memorial Day commemoration, hypnotic literature, the inauguration of an eerie presentation on haunted travel recommendations, 9Sense, VASCA Radio celebrates Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman's career {Reign In Hell} with an interview of Tibbie X of punk band Reagan Youth, The Quintessentials go on a three island tour... a three island tour, malefic musickal collaborations from Slaughterhouse Records, new David Williams CD release, A Dangerous Meeting with a tentacled board game, & a film coming soon from Larry Wessel. Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan!

Tags: adventure, black earth, church of satan, games, infernal empire, interview, malefik musick, paranormal, supernatural, travel

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