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A quaint little film which crosses the erotic and the horror genres quite nicely, with very attractive young ladies, inclusive of a beautified Linda Blair, who plays the part of a Black Witch set on possessing the man of her desires, and not surprisingly, she does ultimately get what she wants. She has an elaborate Ritual Chambre inclusive of a huge red Pentagram with a demonic statue reminiscent of Pazuzu placed appropriately in its center configuration. Additionally to being quite a seductress, she is also a veritable puppet-master, speaking her will before the demonic altar, and her helpless subjects are powerless to refuse, despite the pedantic efforts attempted by erstwhile "white witches", who fail redundantly. It is certainly delightful to view the disrobed buxom bodies intermingled with scenes of the dark Sorceries transpiring. Sex and Satan are always a wonderful combination. And viewing the credits carefully, tongue 'n' cheek, one will eventually notice that the "Occult Adviser" is none other than "Abdul Alhazred" {the primary Arabian character from the book 'Necronomicon' by "Simon" / H.P. Lovecraft}. The expected demoralization occurs at the conclusion of the presentation, but there is a surprising and pleasing turn of events calling to mind the finale in The Devil's Rain.

Rating: 3/5 Black Candles 'round The Pentagram. Recommended as a rental.


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