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Reign In Hell

Jeff Hanneman Memorial
5/23/13. Hollywood Palladium
By Devin Black

Jeff Hanneman's life celebration service was held at The Palladium, and the WBC were nowhere to be found - seems they were frightened off by the ferocity of both the music and the fans of the band - probably the only good call on their part, considering that even though the band did request that they ignore the fundies, I'm pretty sure there would have been an altercation of some sort where the obnoxious blindlighters would have been on the losing end.

Outside, the line to enter the venue reached all around the block, concluding with a black figure complete with Netherworld Baphomet.

The event consisted of a slideshow featuring many photos of Hanneman from childhood, parents, relatives, through to career images and life events like his marriage, and meeting with various notable entertainers in the Metal industry {of particular mention was a great photo with one King Diamond [5:41]}, accompanied with Metallica's Fade To Black and Slayer's South of Heaven followed by Reign In Blood, at which point a "pit" began. No other funeral can claim that.

Prior to the presentation, several speakers stated their own eulogies including Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian, Dino Paredes of American Recordings, co-guitarist Kerry King lifted a toast, and widow Kathryn Hanneman read a touching love letter to Jeff in the end.

Hanneman had contracted Necrotizing fasciitis {Brutal} from a spider bite {which he believed to be a brown recluse} while lounging in a friend's hot tub in Year XLVI, and had only done a few performances since then; at one point, showing the afflicted flesh to the audience while continuing playing. However, cause of death is listed as cirrhosis of the liver.

One has to wonder who will play that lead guitar role on tour, as they are scheduled for a European tour in June, inclusive of King Diamond on the bill.

Personally, I have found the music useful for invigorating weight-training, and occasional merrymaking with others of similar disposition. ∞

AddendumDevin Black

My first experience with Slayer was when I picked up a copy of Haunting The Chapel which featured an impressive logo of swords forming a pentagram on the cover with that particular style of the letter 'S' as a lightning bolt {I would eventually acquire a shirt with that logo and a Show No Mercy back patch affixed to My black vest upon studded leather jacket}; which was actually interchangeable with the Black Metal Venom patch.

While coalescing with a troupe of acquaintances who called themselves the "Deathbangers", Slayer was a constant, along with D.R.I., S.O.D., and various thrash & punk bands, for the most part. Slayer is essentially a combination of Death & Thrash Metal, or "Death Thrash".

I first saw them in a live performance from The Ultimate Revenge video, which had Venom, Slayer and Exodus therein. Being much more into Venom at the time, there was this sort of 'line-up' of favored diabolical "Black / Death" Metal genre bands which were Venom, Bathory, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate, Possessed, {with Metallica & Megadeth to a lesser extent}, and the like. I steadily acquired them all from The Private Eye music & occult store.

I eventually heard rumors that no less than a "satanic priest" had cast a spell on this recording, that it be filled with the true essence of Hell, and that anyone that listened to it would become 'possessed'; whether or not the rumors were true, it certainly piqued some interest, although the way some fans behave, there ironically are certain resemblances.

Utilizing the diabolical imagery of devils, demons, and Hell, though Slayer are not actually Satanists, but more or less just Atheists {with Tom Araya who grew up Catholic}, there is a certain energy that channels anger and aggression at various societal mores in a horror-themed format which can be appreciated by those who are attracted to the nefarious imagery, lyrics, and music dedicated to the dark side of the psyche. ∞

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