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Save Tara!


Many Satanists tend to be conservationists, in order to preserve historical monuments and monoliths, which are archeological treasures. This ancient site preserves the mystery of the past, as well as provides important clues that may further investigations of those very mysteries, that they may one day become educational resources from the past, in order to edify the future. In honor of the ancient pagans, many our forebears, may this site remain unsullied by the herd. Progress will continue to evolve, yet these places should be studied and respected as important connections to the misty dimensions of timelessness. - DB

* More Information:

Taraskryne | Protect Tara

Following is a message from a proponent:

"Save Tara Campaign, Desperate Situation

The Hill of Tara is the oldest existing monument of western civilization older than the pyramids of Egypt and was the site on coronations of Celtic Irish kings and was a neolithic mounds site with astronomical delineation in the construction. It was a Druid site and also the exact location where St. Patrick held the influential mass which caused Ireland to be Christianized. {Though some may argue that this latter event corrupted its intent, it remains irrelevant to its intrinsic primal pagan value - DB}

It is a complex of several hills which were manmade mounds featuring Tara in the center with other features in the central complex such as the Mound Of The Hostages and The Lia Fail, Stone Of Destiny. Other adjacent hills are north, south, east and west of Tara thus forming a complex in a wonderful

The Irish Government is planning a four-lane motorway only 1 km from the actual hill, with a 25 acre floodlit (10 hectares) intersection only 1.5km away. Full construction work is scheduled to begin at the end of 2005. All archaeological and historical evidence shows that Tara throughout time has been inseparable from the land around it. Tara is constituted by its surrounding landscape, not just the hill.

Leading archaeologists say that the entire Tara landscape should by rights be declared a World Heritage Site.

There is a current ongoing campaign to save Tara from destruction from this national highway proposal. There was a peaceful demonstration protest march on Saturday, November 27th, 2004. Now the government office has posted a deadline: noon, January 11th, 2005 for a "statement of Interest", which are letters for or against this highway construction which is referred to as the M3 Motorway Proposal.

There is an organization called The Save the TaraSkryne Valley Group in Meath, the website and as well as other art, cultural and archaeological websites driven by interested people internationally who are united in this campaign to save Tara. There are petition forms online at both websites below:

Deadline is January 11, 2005.
Send your "statement of Interest" letters to:
Clerk of the Joint Committee on Transport
Leinster House
Kildare Street
Dublin 2

From the U.S.A. dont forget adequate international postage of 80 cents.

I am an artist living in Florida. I have studied art history and know the significance of Tara to the world's heritage. I am not even Irish. Keep your heritage and it will carry you to the future.

Yours sincerely,
--Steve Selpal "


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