DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Doom Box

Sharp GF-777 portable Stereo

Yes, I actually have one of these portable stereos. Acquired it one day after seeing someone carrying it at a former school, and was determined to possess one Myself. Of course, being a 'Devin Black' acquisition, I decorated it appropriately at the time with various well-placed stickers including KNAC, Medusa, Exodus, & Acheron, although many genres have been indulged in. It has been used to play an interview along with a favored opus simultaneously, which stimulates both halves of the cerebrum nicely.

Still usable for certain purposes, it has two tape decks, with a line-in function, adjustable volume on both sides {which can be adjusted to provide a subliminal effect upon the listener}, and is about 120 decibels. The woofers are impressive enough, which can vibrate the floor {for use in earthquake or storm visualizations}, and can even be used as an amplifier for voice and guitar. As a matter of fact, this was My first 'amp' utilized with several bands.

I affectionately refer to it as 'The Doom Box', rather than the commonly vulgar "ghetto blaster" or "boom box", and for My purposes, it serves quite well, and remains in a prescribed place for best results.

Nominally heavy, it can definitely maintain a nice muscle tone as well if carried about. ∞

Tags: dracling, dracumentary, evocation, malefick musick, music, possessions, radio

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