Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

An immortal nucleus


My recollection of the Magical work of special effects Wizard Ray Harryhausen was first seeing The 7th Voyage of Sinbad & Golden Voyage of Sinbad presentation on Family Film Festival with Tom Hatten. I was impressed the various creatures he brought to life through his cinematic wizardry, particularly the skeleton warriors, minotaur, and Medusa creatures. Many play fights as a Dracling were enacted with those characterizations in mind. Then I witnessed Clash of The Titans on several occasions, acquiring the action figures as they were forged, with My particular favorites being The Kraken, Calibos, & Charon {interestingly, there was no Medusa figure made by Mattel}.

There was she whom I refer to as "Auntie Christian" who thought that the figures were too diabolical, and even tried to be rid of them, with the excuse that bringing in such 'idolatry' was inviting 'evil spirits' into the home. Kraken being essentially Leviathan/Cthulhu {tentacle appendages, giant sea monster}, Calibos {'Lord of The Marsh', The Devil; complete with horns, a cloven hoof & foot, and tail}, and Charon {'The Devil's Boatman'; 'The Grim Reaper'; aesthetically at least}, it is no wonder that these were My preferred characters, which lent further evidence as to My predispositions at the time. These naturally prevailed the way I played it. Fortunately, I still preserve these figures in My collection. There has since been a metal band by the name of Calibos.

Before CGI, Harryhausen further perfected the technique of stop-motion photography & visual effects to coalesce with the costumed characters on the screen, inspiring others by this nucleus, and with the sublime suspension of disbelief, they were every bit as real as the imagination cooperated with. He, among a few choice others, form their own worlds with the creative genius & resources to achieve it.

His birthday on June 29, as well as any time of the year, is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate these imaginative manifestations with a complementary absorption. ∞

* Related: The Harryhausen Chronicles.

Tags: birthday, dracling, dracumentary, evocation, nativity, rip, satanimation, spechtreum, toys

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