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Golden Gods Awards

Revolver Golden Gods Awards
Reviewed by Draconis 'Satan' Blackthorne.

I became aware of the "Golden Gods" award show just in time for the live stream, and was pleased to see several favored performers included therein. The presentation was dedicated to Jeff Hanneman {R.I.H.*} of Slayer.

Revolver Golden Gods AwardsThe show began with a performance from Anthrax, now appropriately displaying a personalized pentagram configuration incorporating the 'A' logo.

Introduced by the eponymous Papa Emeritus of Ghost {who embody the trinary malefic musick principles in full}, Danzig took the show in My estimation with the Circle of Snakes setup, and most notably, a performance of 'Mother'. He actually covered some Misfits material as Doyle {or "Doylenstein"} came stomping forth, including "Skulls"; quite a change from past interviews where is sometimes became downright hostile. Notably amusing was Doyle doing the "zombie stomp" at the conclusion, who impacted his guitar to the point where the strap broke off.

Rob Halford made an appearance, veritably eclipsing Metallica in vocals and appearance; bald head, goatee, clerical collar, suit, and skull cane {ergo, Judas PRIEST}, sounding every bit as remarkable as ever. In one amusing moment, I spotted a girl in the audience looking quite disturbed as he walked on stage, even seemingly frightened, which is quite a complimentary rumination.

There was also a performance by Rob Zombie who played White Zombie material, and favorites such as Dragula, while wearing a Baphomet shirt, and skulls on the drum set.

It seems that in most instances, this genre should be more so heard than seen with some exceptions, those who have a multi-dimensional appreciation for the Art inclusive of psychodrama and theatrics, the likes of Bathory, Venom, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, the afore-mentioned Ghost, and others.

Included amongst the evening's repertoire were several pop-type bands I had never heard of, and considering the musical clips, don't care to. Also quite noticeable was the absence of a Death / Black / Doom Metal category, which would have made the presentation much more interesting.

Perhaps there shall be a veritable "SatanFest", as it were, celebrating the diabolical with specifically Satanically-oriented bands like the afore-mentioned KD/MF, Venom, along with Acheron, The Electric Hellfire Club, Danzig, perhaps Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth, held around Halloween or Walpurgisnacht. It need not be limited to the Metal genre, either, but there could be several stages featuring various genres acknowledging the Satanic Archetype. This presentation seemed to focus more on Heavy Metal/Hard Rock, yet with a glaring exclusion of the mighty Manowar, it was definitely incomplete.

Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, & Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath collectively, made a brief commentary from Australia, looking perhaps a bit jet lagged, and probably medicated, yet deserving nonetheless.

As a side note, spotted was also one Alice Cooper accompanied by an apparently drunken Marilyn Manson.

Also notable is the award itself, displaying a Stonehenge monolith upon an earthen trapezoid base. ∞

* Reign In Hell.

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