Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

There goes the neighborhood...

Interesting effect when employing the dreaded 10th Enochian Key recently. Described as a "random lightning bolt" used in the most extreme circumstances, one must have sufficiently safeguarded themselves.

Well, by way of a Curse upon a truly deserving sacrifice, did this specifically directed 'lightning bolt' transpire, and as is a typical dynamic of such hellementals, the energy tends to emanate tendrils in several random directions while the full force is administered to the victim. When what should occur the very same night, but a church fire in the vicinity*, as well as a deadly automobile collision nearby {of which there is still a memorial display / [3]}; and I have just learned of another car crash incident. But so long as the main purpose is accomplished, these can be seen as "collateral damage", as it were, and perhaps did aid in ridding the world of some rotten organisms as well.

When the final fulfillment of the Curse is completed, it shall be related in The Black Book of Shadows. ∞

* This was not a particularly ornate church, or really anything remarkable, so no great loss to the aesthetics of the environment there.

Tags: black book of shadows, curse, dracumentary, greater magic, ritual

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