Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil's Diary XX: Walpurgisnacht XLVIII A.S.

The Devil's Diary XX: Walpurgisnacht XLVIII A.S.

A Daemonic manifestation unleashed from The Pit of Hell...

NOW AVAILABLE: This Wicked Walpurgisnacht release includes Seasons In Hell, rare selections of Magus LaVey interviews from various occult publications; essays on diabolical nomenclatures 'Which Witch Is Which?', True Satanism, politics - 'The 22nd Amendment', & An Amazin' Tribute To Huell Howser.

Satanic Serenades poetry from Robert Leuthold, James Geary III, & features XIII Floors.

The Black Earth / Tales From The Shadow Side ventures to the deadly & haunted Hotel Cecil, the evils of Dracmas, with cover art & Shadow Gallery inclusions from Horror Artist Tony Karnes {Goatwhore, Ghost, Skeletonwitch}.

Noctuarium includes Satan's Scroll reviews of The Cloven Hoof, Malefick Musick reviews Nox Arcana, Satan Is Alive! A Tribute To Mercyful Fate, Spechtreum reviews Poor Devil, Blood Bath, Prime Evil, The Witches' Mountain, Sinemaerotica reviews Satanic Sickies 1, Possessions reviews Coffin Rust Halloween print, Den of Iniquity / We Are Legion by ASP Apparel, The Satanic Panic Archives, Infernal Empire Devilutions & more.

Tags: adventure, anton szandor lavey, art, black arts & witch crafts, black earth, blackthorne productions, church of satan, devil's diary, dracmas, dracumentary, halloween, hellmark, horror, infernal empire, king diamond, literature, magazines, magic, malefick musick, nature, poetry, reviews, satan's scroll, satanic serenades, satanism, seasonal greetings, seasons in hell, shadowside, spechtreum, the devil's diary, travel, walpurgisnacht

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