Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Black Towers construction

The Black Towers have been constructed, one now filled with a plethora of occult tomes, while the other displays favored oddities and figurines of diabolical fancy. Up on top of the book case, there hellegantly displayed is the slipcase edition of The Satanic Scriptures by Magus Gilmore upon a book stand, flanked by two Draegonic spheres. Books are accented with a skull here and thee, The Sinister Minister, Dracula criss blade, and a black bat tray to preserve any incidentals there may be.

On the other display case, crowned with The Lord Darkness mask of Legend fame {an impressive representation of the bestial Satan} gazing down upon the onlooker, attended on each side by The Dark Knight in victorious repose, and the ever evil Ming The Merciless on the other. On the secondary tier, we have Cerberus keeping guard, another representation of Lord Darkness from Legend, two variations of The Undertaker, two variations of Skelator, Grimskull from Skeleton Warriors, the villainous Sorceress Melificent, The Scarlet Witch, two variations of Rasputin, Magneto, The Demon Gene Simmons of KISS {Psycho Circus}, & Darth Vader grasping light saber.

Descending therefrom, The Addams Family Morticia & Gomez set, Wonder Woman, The Wicked Witch of The West {accentuated with an Omnigram}, The Four Crown Princes of Helloween Count Dracula {Air/Lucifer}, Frankenstein {Fire/Satan}, The Wolfman {Earth/Belial}, The Creature From The Black Lagoon {Water/Leviathan}; The Mummy, an antique Victorian lamp, the electroscopic sphere, & a Phantom of The Opera snow globe.

Beneath, reserved primarily for evocations, Peewee Herman, two My Pet Monsters, a devil bear {with pentagram}, The Mighty Kraken {large scale from Clash of The Titans; a Leviathan representation - I always liked His tentacle-like arms reminiscent of Cthulhu}, the bottom most is reserved for further books upon possession.

A great feature that was discovered upon their construction, is that included in the packaging, there are parts in which one can foreseeably attach the bookcase onto a door, if so inclined to do so. They are each approximately 6' tall, and a typical door is about just a bit taller than that, so if your door can accommodate them, one can have their very own secret room behind the book case.

So now, 'Gorgo' is upon the front door {the 'Unwelcomed' gargoyle door plaque}, the black/red lights are illuminated, and all is well in Hell. ∞

Tags: addams family, books, devilutions, dracula, dracumentary, halloween, haunted house, haunted noctuary, home decor, lair decor, literature, noctuary, oddities, total environment, toys, vampire, werewolf

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