Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Cloven Hoof 133

The Cloven Hoof #133

This issue sees the return of the newsletter header, which arrives in the wake of Magus LaVey's birthday and Walpurgisnacht, providing for some pleasantly diabolical reading throughout.

LaVey's Five Point Plan Revisited turns up the hellfire & provides an updated and motivating actualization of our prime Satanic principles; In Defense of Pyramid Power by Snead Hearn contains sage advice to those so inclined...; On United Satanic America, Unchaining The Tiger: Of Deists & Dissidents is an inspirational essay on some of our nation's de-facto forebears' true intentions, and constitutional developments inevitably leading towards an increasingly carnal and atheistic evolution*; Climbing Mount Cameroon recounts a physically and mentally stimulating surreal Lovecraftian experience traversing the black earth. I especially enjoyed the descriptions of the variations of natural environments therein.

The issue concludes with a selection from Baudelaire's Litany To Satan, and a description of the next issue which promises to be an arousing & thought-provoking contemplation from Magistra Barton. What I also enjoy about The Cloven Hoof is the variations of presentation per issue - it has emerged in newsletter format, a magazine, color variations, and headers. A pleasure to behold upon each manifestation. ∞

* This one should be framed; but being that it is so wonderfully expansive, could it be that one day single essays which can scroll may be presented within ornate frames that can be elegantly placed upon walls?

* Ordering Information.

Tags: anton lavey, blanche barton, church of satan, infernal empire, literature, magazines, review

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