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Today is a time to reflect upon the deeds and thoughts of Our Founder, who preserved a legacy to ensure his immortality. Upon excarnation, many left the Church of Satan under the pretense that it was some sort of personality cult, and thus, their own misguided weakness was revealed; yet many more remained and joined forces with The Infernal Empire to strengthen Our resolve and be part of an organization that upholds the standards of the elite and the mighty carnal philosophy outlined in The Satanic Bible, which we as Satanists naturally exemplify.

Satanism allows for the mystery and wonders of nature, acknowledging Magic and rationale to compliment each other as two sides of the same coin, expressed in a variety of genres for empowerment, edification and amusements.

When I discovered The Satanic Bible in that bookstore, adding it to My collection, I found a comrade-in-arms that felt the way I did on many a subject matter, and I readily accepted the nomenclature that would come to incarnate what I already was - a born Satanist, born with the horns, forged in the hellfire of The Black Earth. The Satanic Rituals was soon to follow, and then off to experimentation with various Magical principles therein. The Satanic Witch was unleashed and thought how thrilling it was to now possess three books I laid next to one another reading it thoroughly as well. Then The Devil's Notebook was next, absorbing much therein I was and came to reflect. I became subsequently also pleased upon finding publications like The Black Flame on bookshelves, with other magazines {like The Cloven Hoof, From The Pit, The Raven, The OHM Clock, Not Like Most, and others}, and items of interest mentioned therein {for instance, who can forget the "Prints of Darkness"?}, incrementally accentuating one's own contemplations, and also in which I came to participate in. Again, when Satan Speaks was published, yet another volume of undefiled wisdom and diabolical wit to gratify the senses, I felt a resonance of coalescing thoughts, as well as in-between the latter releases with The Secret Life Of A Satanist & The Church of Satan by Blanche Barton.

Being a collector of occult arcana and literature, I would find mentions and interviews of Magus LaVey & The Church of Satan periodically in books {all through from the inception of The Age of Fire to the Satanic Panic and beyond}, preserving these as the treasures they are, even transcribing several of them to share with others. I began delightfully finding interviews in The Nose magazine, Seconds, and Modern Primitives, among others.

Being a musician as well as a writer, I was pleased to acquire Satan Takes A Holiday and The Satanic Mass, as well as a recording of Strange Music. I recall traveling in the car once and heard a very familiar voice over the airwaves on a local "pirate" radio show playing a track from 'Holiday' thereon, with other releases mentioned in The Black Flame to be accumulated.

I was excited by the release of Speak of The Devil from Wavelength Video, having it sent to The Noctuary immediately, and eventually Satanis through Something Weird Video.

Magus LaVey provided the framework, and blazed his own trail of devildom, and it is a continuous pleasure to coalesce and evolve within this infernal alliance of The Church of Satan. It seems the best tribute to such a mentor is to not only acknowledge His obvious influence in philosophy, religion, literature, music, and videography, but to personify the principles taking the experiments, recommendations, and ideas he presented from this primary source, to form one's own materializations with a tip of the horns to a fellow devil in the flesh. ∞

Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
11 April, XLVIII Anno Satanas

* Magus LaVey Tribute.

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