Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


As The Haunted Noctuary continues to evolve...

A most amusing experience while acquiring black bookcases and DVD towers last evening, that all may remain well organized and presented diabolically. Above one bookcase, the Vlad Dracula plaque from Buzz Works, upon the top of the bookcase, The Shadow Demon lamp on one side, The Magus LaVey statue on the other, and the crystal skull between. Above the DVD tower, the Bishamon/Oyama sai mount, while upon top the Knight Rider collection, accompanied by the KITT hotwheels model and a small skull to the side.

It seems the total amounted to $51.50 - "5150" is the legal code for insanity, and also happens to be the title of a Van Halen album {which should have amounted to 51:50}; the cashier looked at Me wide-eyed, and thusly amused, I cracked an evil grin, at which point we chuckled together - she had never had that amount appear on the machine, so I was pleased that it shall be memorable. The interaction concluded with "Have a blessed night." And indeed, it was, as the new black DVD case was constructed, and inserted with many a nefarious film from Satanism documentaries, horror favorites, and frequent gothic viewables, with a continuation of another addition this night. This is a first for Myself as well - I Am accustomed to receiving plethoras of 666, 13's & 9's, but never before "5150".

Still unpacking with some Pandora's boxes yet to be unleashed. ∞

Interesting to note that just the previous night, a Police helicopter was circling the normally quiet area nearby, advising residents to stay in their homes as a felon search was underway, and giving instructions to the suspect to give themselves up, because "the dogs will find you." Assuredly so. The voice recording was clear, assertive, even eloquent, which was actually nice to hear. Near the conclusion of this search, a flash bomb was heard, as the criminal was no doubt then captured. This was actually quite thrilling as well as reassuring. Being nocturnal, this added the the evening's entertainment, which reminded Me of Bladerunner, Terminator, & of course, Robocop. ∞

Tags: 13, 666, black earth, diary, dracumentary, kitt, knight rider, lair decor, noctuary, oddities, total environment

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