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Satanic Sex

Satanic SexSatanic Sex
Arlene J. Fitzgerald. VIII A.S. Manor Books.

Here's a documentary book that progresses from one interesting, entertaining, & informative real-case story to the next. This was one of those rare finds that certain dark forces placed in My path.

The cover is superlative - a green Baphomet with red glowing eyes on black background, with the dubious & titillating title above it. Within, there are chapters on Witchcraft, Charms & Talismans, Spiritualism, Reincarnation, Astrology, Numerology, Fortune-Telling, & Dreams - all of which is quite fascinating, & very Draconian. Each chapter features a brief overview on the particular subject, followed by case histories comprising the rest of the chapter.

I found Myself reading incessantly at every opportunity. The chapter on Witchcraft is most compelling, as it recounts the supernatural occurrences in several people's lives, as they become involved with The Occult.

The authoress takes a decidedly Satanic slant on the subject matter on each chapter, so much so sometimes, I wonder if she realizes she is a Satanist.

Segment about Anton LaVey & The Church of Satan [pp. 12 & 13]:

Satanic Sex"Witchcraft and Satanism have always exerted a tremendous attraction for the idle and the wealthy but unfulfilled individual." writes Anton LaVey, High Priest of The Church of Satan which is headquarters in San Francisco. "This does not mean to imply that well adjusted people are not interested. It simply means that the first mentioned types are much less discriminating in the authenticity, quality, and seriousness of the group with which they involve themselves. What they re primarily interested in is 'kicks' - nothing more."

One need not look far to realize that the cliche' Halloween image which most of us have come to associate with witches scarcely applies to today's occult practitioners. The modern-day sorceress is, more often than not, as sexy as the love potions she peddles, shunning the traditional fairy-tale garb and magic broomstick in favor of abbreviated mini skirts and a high powered convertible. Her male counterpart is equally sensual and dynamic.

"We come from every walk of life," states an avid west coast priestess.

An investigation of leads supplied by individuals closely involved in the flourishing cult substantiate this and other claims that persons from all classes and professions are organizing into covens at an astonishing rate. It has been roughly estimated that there are more than 750,000 self-professed witches in America today. Recruits are most generally acquired through personal contact in a widespread campaign which is encouraged by the film industry and the various news medias and which common manifests sexuality as a means of inducement. Very frequently, potential initiates to the cult are lured through advertisements placed in the underground newspapers which grew out of the hippie movement.

Commenting on the latter, Anton LaVey has stated: "If you read about it {witchcraft} in an ad in an underground newspaper, you can be reasonably certain that it's a front for sexual activities with just enough 'witchcraft' to ease the conscious of the 'free' people attending."

If & when you find this satanical text, it will definitely be worth far more the meager price you will pay for it. The best bet is to stalk SATANIC SEX at independently owned bookstores, or try Amazon Books online, since it has been out of print for some time.

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