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The Fortune Sellers

The Fortune Sellers: The Occult Phenomenon of The 20th Century
By Gary A. Wilburn; G/L Publications, Regal Books.
VII A.S. Chapter 'The Devil Made Me Do It: Satanism', pp. 140-142. [Section concerning Anton LaVey & The Church of Satan].

A particular group is The Church of Satan, with home offices in San Francisco, which boasts a national membership of over 10,000 active parishioners. Its High Priest, or "Black Pope" is one Anton LaVey, D.S.T. {"Doctor of Satanic Theology"}.

The Church of Satan came into existence in 1966 when LaVey was inspired to shave his head, put on a Roman collar and announce the new "Satanic Age." The Church's first major publicity was given to LaVey's Satanic Wedding {performed in front of a nude woman reclining upon a makeshift altar}, celebrated with the chants, decorum, and macabre usually associated with many second-rate horror movies. Soon after this, the christening of infants became a regular observance, and a "Satanic funeral service" was held by LaVey for one of the members, Mr. Ed Olsen, a Navy man, who had been killed in an automobile crash. It was Olsen's widow who concluded that he would have wanted to be buried with "full Satanic honors."

Basing hisa operations from a three-story, thirteen-room Victorian home in a San Francisco residential district, LaVey surrounds himself with the traditional open coffins, tombstones, skeletons, ans black cats o necessary to his trade. Absorbed in interviews, rituals and conversations clarifying his views as expressed in his "Satanic Bible", he finds little time to shepherd his ever-growing flock. Many applicants sincerely interested in doing evil are rejected by LaVey in favor of the "beautiful people," {some of them well monied} who desire more of a social club/therapy group than a contract with The Devil.

"{Many} feel that this is a clearing house for perverts, sex creeps, real losers, people hat have been rejected by society. And it isn't," says LaVey. "Because the true image of The Satanist from the beginning of what, by one name or another would be considered Satanism, is that of the Master, the Leader, the controller of societies, the image makers. All these people that have been winners have practiced intrinsically a Satanic concept of life."

The Church of Satan seems more concerned with letting people do what they want, regardless of society's laws and mores, than with forcing them to worship a personal supreme deity. By his own admission, LaVey expresses that "my church is based on (self) indulgence. Eventually, I want to build pleasure domes - retreats for my followers. I think a church should be something people can't wait to get into instead of a place they can't wait to get out of." LaVey and his followers subscribe to a philosophy of total freedom, sexual as well as personal. "We believe in the pleasures of the flesh, living to the hilt, enjoying all there is to be on earth," LaVey admits.

There are those followers of The Church of Satan who are dead serious in their pursuit of Satan, but these might very well be in the minority.

When asked, "Have you seen The Devil?" LaVey coyly replied, "Oh, yes, every time I shave!"

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