Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

When I Saw A Courtesan...

Ladies, take a lesson from the scarlet woman:

While out and about upon the black earth addressing certain responsibilities, I spotted a very attractive girl walking down the street. She had thick black eyeliner, full red lips, and wore a figure flattering dress which ended about three inches above the knee. Even the material was so perfectly positioned that one could barely perceive the outline of her alluring body beneath the fabric -the graceful curve of the hips, and even the contour of her midsection & belly button. The coloration was not at all ostentatious, however, instead, it was a subtle white and flesh coloration, and black high-heeled shoes in which she seemed to walk in with ease.

She glanced sideways as I entered the Dracmare, and she had a very pretty face with a slightly upturned nose and pouty little lips. Quite a cutie. She was identified as a 'lady of pleasure', otherwise, I may have asked her if she wanted a 'ride' somewhere. Though I can appreciate the service she provides to just about anyone who would pay her, I certainly do not need the possibility of disease, not to mention the profession is still as of yet illegal, for the time being. Of course, these working girls should be afforded all the benefits of any other occupation, which is ultimately inevitable.

Yet it struck Me how out of all the regular women about, she possessed the Command To Look. Though a pretty girl can be relatively attractive in just about anything, her accentuating accoutrement was definitely a cut above the rest. Now only if more pretty girls, who need not necessarily be prostitutes, would dress similarly, instead of all the 'fashionable' trends offered, the world would be a better 'looking' place.

Take a lesson from the courtesan. Accentuate your figure, don't be afraid to be sexy; relish the attention, then pick and choose whom you will; and most definitely read The Satanic Witch. ∞

* Recommended Reading: The Satanic Witch by Anton Szandor LaVey; particularly the section "On Prostitutes And Pentagrams" in "Fashion: The Witch's Greatest Friend, The Witch: Fashion's Worst Enemy".
Tags: anton lavey, satanic witch, sensuality, sexuality, social commentary, social observation, witchcraft

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