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Lucifer's Star

In the wake of The Homage To Tchort, and while at Satan's Hollow enjoying the cold night just before dawn at about 5:28 am, My attention was all of a sudden drawn South-East by a brilliant flash in the sky, followed by a beautiful orange streak trailing what I realized was a meteor or asteroid impacting with the atmosphere. I was compelled to utter a "Hail Lucifer, Hail Satan!" This was MINE, as I frequently experience various anomelies as a confirmation of the efficacy of a rite I may have performed. I will be checking with various sources to see if this was chronologued.

* The last meteor showers that have appeared in this area were called the "Perseid Meteor Shower" which occurred in August, which I remember observing as well. And the "leonids" occurred in mid-November in the trail of the "Tempel-Tuttle" comet. But so far, no news of this apparition... yet.

* Update XII/XXV\XXXIX A.S.: No reports whatsoever, which confirms My initial analysis. HS!

* New Information XII/XXVI/XXXIX A.S.: Comet Machholz, a new comet, visible to the naked eye. As explained in the article, one would have to be at least a 4.0 to be perceived, and the brightest star Sirius, is a mere minus 1.42 . What I saw was quite spectacular. So what does this portend?

XII/XXVI/XXXIX A.S: Again, while out at Satan's Hollow underneath the Solstice Moon, the 13th of the year, I experienced two bright flashes in the darkened heavens, about 30 seconds apart, and this occurring right after The Nightly Devotional. LB asked "I wonder if this has anything to do with the earthquake?" Could be, as a foreign astral body would have some effect on the gravitational flux, combined with the full moon effecting the tides, and so forth. These are indeed enchanted nights, and The Shadow Forces are at work.


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