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Satan Is Alive!

Satan Is Alive! A Tribute To Mercyful Fate
XLVII A.S. CV Comics. 5.5×7″ 144-page B&W 2-color cover on bristol. Genre: Horror, Art, Poetry.
The banshee wails outside the window while ravens squawk on twisted trees... the howling winds bring the storm while distant thunder rumbles... black candles flicker, casting specterous shadows, reflections of imagination's muse...

Oh, yes... on this 3/13/13, we see the arrival of this nefariously amusing illustrated lyrical novel based on the Mercyful Fate mythos by King Diamond, containing rich Satanimations envisioned by several dedicated artists of the black brush.

I had long since heard about a book in the works based upon the album themes, but this will absolutely make a wonderful addition to the KD/MF collection.

Forewords by several appreciative musicians including 'Fenriz' of Dark Throne, Scott Carlson of Repulsion, & Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder, with an Afterword by Philip Anselmo of Pantera {who concludes with 'Ave Satanas!'}, along with brief quips from various other musicians throughout, each story contains the progressive lyrics imaginatively blended into the piece. And the fact that it is rendered entirely in Black & White lends it an air of slick horror 'hellegance' to boot.

Among the songs animated are The Mad Arab part I & Kutulu: The Mad Arab part II {Time, Into The Unknown}, Into The Coven {Melissa}, A Corpse Without A Soul {The Beginning}, Melissa {"}, Egypt {In The Shadows}, Black Funeral {Melissa}, Come To The Sabbath {Don't Break The Oath}, The Oath {Don't Break The Oath}, Evil {Melissa}, Satan's Fall {The Beginning}, & Black Masses {Melissa}.

There's even an allegorical short story herein with many little inside references called "The Case of The Pharoahs" by Nick Green with art by Sara Taylor, about a young Kim Peterson who happens to be a daft detective's son, and ends up solving the riddle of the missing mummies, due to the fact that he is a veritable walking encyclopedia on the occult {sounds rather familiar}. There is a brief mention of a 'Mrs. LaVey' character, who is the head of the "Ladies' Auxiliary Coven". Kim is represented in corpse paint as a boy.

Then there's 'Behind The Crooked Crossbones', a torturous, parabolic diary entry about King's feelings on Abigail and Melissa, with a very surprising revelation. Reads very much like Poe.

Also included is the "Timeline of Fate", chronicling the evolution of the band.

I was recently reminded of its existence via a post from Underworld Amusements, at a sale price, no less, so it was an immediate possession. Plus the recent interview with King Diamond on RFS' Metal Invaders was all the more contemplation.

Combining a favorite entertainer with horror art, and illustrated by various artists of many of the legendary songs, combined with My primordial evilove of comic books {I had actually recently found a part of My collection of X Men comics still preserved in the sleeve}, so I thought it all providential.

Fantoms of Rex Diadem will definitely appreciate this tome to accompany the music when in the mood. "'Satan' Is Alive"... as if there was any doubt. Perhaps there shall be other volumes to follow... LET IT BE DONE. ∞

Mercyful Fate: Nuns Have No Fun

Mercyful Fate: Don't Break The OathI first became acquainted with Mercyful Fate through a friend 'Rick' who simply said "You gotta' listen to this... it's pure evil." At first, I saw the impressive album cover on "Don't Break The Oath", looking precisely like His namesake "The Accuser", pointing a opposing finger heavenward. Placing the record on the turntable, what proceeded from out of those speakers sounded like pure infernal bliss.

Having been much more familiar with the likes of Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Possessed, & others at the time, I have to admit that the voice was a bit off-putting at first, but not only does it grow on you, but you learn to really appreciate it, as it compliments the stories perfectly, and is so individually unique.

Whenever I ventured to The Private Eye Occult/Music store, I would see the 'Nuns Have No Fun' EP displayed therein, which seemed to more so stand out among most other posters and albums therein. It would definitely attract attention.
Anton LaVey & King DiamondKing Diamond: Them
The next time I became reacquainted with King Diamond was through an acquaintance from a band named "Rampage" {whom I created a digital portrait of Magus LaVey from the back cover of The Satanic Bible for, which he attached to the back window of his car; as well as a couple of flier designs for performances; it would eventually be revealed that KD is in fact an actual Satanist, and member of The Church of Satan, who actually met with LaVey at The Black House}. He played "Them" for Me on the stereo, and that was it. I began collecting ALL of King Diamond & Mercyful Fate material from there on out.
I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live at The Grenada Theater in Ontario, California during the 'Voodoo Tour'; fortunately, that night was recorded. The tours are likened a traveling horror roadshow of abominations, comprising not only musicianship, but acting, spectacle, accentuating props, and even narration.

King Diamond: Voodoo
Needless to say, the environment created sets the stage for the veritable musical 'ritual' to transpire, as the excitement and anticipation grows until the darkness floods the theater, and dimensions are opened reflected in kind. A true showman through and through, containing the key hellements of Malefick Musick: Optimum concentrations on Music, Theatrics, Lyrics, complementing eachother in kind, like keys to an infernal realm, as if channeling a dark atmospheric energy which envelops the theater and audience, which is thoroughly enjoyable.

6. Musically, each musician is a virtuoso in his own right, with classical, ambient, even choral and gothic influences integrated, yet continually emanating a potent constancy indigenous to this intense genre.
6. Theatrically, each ornate album contains a theme which is reflected in the sets created for the show, bringing the imagination to heights of stimulation, as KD Himself emerges in costume to set all the keys into place. The infamous painted configuration which has also seen evolutions of visage, silken cape, leather attire, the osseous microphone, not to mention Melissa...* Shows have included prestidigitation, pyrotechnics, & characters {including Grandma, and Mrs. Diamond Livia Zita playing several of the parts; an executioner, robed figures, and others}.
6. Lyrically, King Diamond is essentially a horror story-teller, like listening to tales of the paranormal, ghosts, demons, diabolical rites, haunted mansions, possession, banshees, witches, and adventures into phantasmagorical, terrorific aberration.

King Diamond is a nefarious host into a world of exhilarating nightmares, directing you to cursed ceremonial grounds, moonlit graveyards, to haunted mansions down long dark hallways, into the pits of Hell itself, and into the recesses of madness. ∞

* The Melissa skull was actually stolen from a show once, and was not seen for some time, until a fan brought it back right to King's door. Seems that whomever made away with it experienced a good deal of 'bad luck', and finally gave it up to be returned.

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