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A Wonderful Evocation

Wonder Woman - The Complete First Season

Wonder Woman was undoubtably an early E.C.I. for Me, with her flowing black hair, pale skin, and crystal blue eyes, not to mention her knock-out physique. She seems a female version of Superman, and even Captain America, in most respects as well, with her alter-ego of Diana Prince, which seems equivalent to Clarke Kent {even though it was billed to be in response to the Batman series at the time}. This Solstice, LB received this gift from acquaintances, and watching it with her brought back quite an evocation, revitalizing lustful ponderations. Lynda Carter really is an amazing beauty {also a former Ms. USA}, unsullied by current depictions of enmasculated "womyn", and does carry a glamorous charm about her, really seen when she twirls for her transformation.

Set in WW2 era America, the primary enemy throughout the series are the Nazis, devising several ingenious ways to infiltrate the government, and when their plans reach too close for comfort, WW appears to save the day, "in her satin tights", along with Mjr. Steve Trevor {Lyle Waggoner}, who becomes more or less her sidekick, since being stranded on this uncharted isle in The Devil's Triangle after a sky battle. Born on Paradise Island, an 'amazonian' utopia, she enters into an "olympics"-like event incognito, proving to be the most formidable contestant, and much to the chagrin of her mother, who desired that she stay with her and rule as warrior Princess, cannot deny her daughter her destiny, who then proceeds to enter the outer world of mere mortals to battle the Third Reich. With her transperent plane, bullet-proof bracelets and truth lasso, she becomes the legendary heroine of comic book legendry.

I was also delighted to discover that Wonder Woman's mother is portrayed here by none other than Carolyn Jones, yet another ECI evocation, whom you will remember as Morticia Addams; and even through this role, her elegant demeanor shines through.

WW became a representation for female strength without compromising the glamor inherent in the female species, which is womens' greatest asset, and that is a truly powerful combination.

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