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Retrovolution [broadcast presentations playlist]

Some evocative recommended timeless ‘broadcast’ / televised presentations as available. In My estimation, besides these choice entertainment show multi-genre selections, not much else is worth a damn. ∞


Interesting to note that several mysterious atmospheric 'booms' would occur between the dates of this posting and the subsequent mention of the release of The Blackthorne Chronicles V. I book, from Woodland Hills, CA to Kentucky. It has been observed that upon every mention, experiment, & practice of time travel / retrovolution herein, either geologic and/or atmospheric anomalies tend to occur; as if a 'rift' in the 'time'/space continuum is breached, confirming certain asserted principles in operation. ∞


* Related: Why 2K? II.

Tags: entertainment, evocation, letharginator, playlist, retroprogression, shadow side, spechtreum, time travel, timeless orthodoxies, timelessness, videos

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