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01 March 2013 @ 10:04 pm
Thirteen Floors  

The Cecil Hotel
640 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

The true history of the city of dark angels & Hollywood Noir is far from the pretentious depictions fostered by the mainstream media. When you dig a bit deeper, behind the veil of herd icons, movies, & starry-eyed folklore, the real history is a mysterious and shadowy one. Here is one such account.

The Cecil Hotel runs with blood. Containing a dark history of murder, suicide, & rape, historically located in an area once fertile with erotic entertainment, it had since fallen into crime-ridden surroundings, but has recently been undergoing renovations.

Perhaps these anomalies are elements of The Combination Lock Principle at work*.

  • Serial Killer The Night Stalker Richard Ramirez stayed on the 14th floor {which was actually the 13th floor; see below}, disposing of bloody clothing after a night of 'sacrifice', remaining in a small room sometimes for days, playing loud music.
  • Murdering Journalist "The Vienna Strangler" Jack Unterweger stayed there while on assignment, suffocating, mutilating, & torturing prostitutes, presumably deriving first hand experience about the subject of crime in L.A.
  • Plagued with suicides & unsolved murders, The Black Dahlia resided there before her corporeal bisection.
  • Many people leapt to their deaths, whereupon in one instance, impacting with a passing pedestrian.
  • "The Pigeon Lady of Pershing Square" Goldie Osgood was raped and killed in her room.
  • The nude corpse belonging to Canadian tourist 'Elisa Lam' was found up in a water tank on the roof weeks after death, obstructing the building's water flow, and necrotically filtering into the system. Residents complained of low water pressure, & dark, strange tasting water. The last recorded moments of her life on an elevator camera shows her acting frantic, panicked, afraid, as if being chased, waving her hands and acting as if 'speaking' to someone or something not apparent. Interestingly, a recent outbreak of tuberculosis was named 'Lam-Elisa', presumably in honor of the then-missing girl.
  • Billed as having fourteen floors, it actually has thirteen, since the number is 'hidden' because of the nefarious connotation. Other hotels in the area also practice this fear.
  • Originally advertised as containing 700 available rooms, it now admits to 600. There is a room 666 therein.
  • Occultist Aleister Crowley resided at The Cecil when visiting Los Diablos. Intriguingly, at the time, it was alleged that he was in 'communication' with a being named "Lam" {Tibetan term for "The Path"; resembling a "graylien"} Perhaps this may be a "tulpa" thought-form since haunting the premises.
  • Interesting to note, the film 'Dark Water' contains many synchronicities with this haunted hotel. For instance, the name of the little girl is "Cessie" {short for 'Cecilia'}; The ghost girl perished in a water tank on the roof; water issues forth black & unsteady. Set in a downtown area.

Taking The Law of The Trapezoid* into consideration, the architecture features an overhang decorating the circumference of the roof, as if 'looking down' upon the street, while two elongated red signs flank the building like red arms welcoming the unwary inside. The fire escape located on the right appears like a lightning bolt jutting down earthward, while the main door sign above the entrance displays two grating decorations on either side of the title, giving the impression of grates that would be on the sidewalk.

The lobby has been remodeled with classic European style decor, including statues and elegant Romanesque/Grecian elements. The interior is a labyrinth of thin, dimly-lit hallways leading to small open areas with cottage-like windows with a view of the dark city below, accessed via virtually "hidden" elevators, which are unobtrusive, essentially looking like the room doors, which could possibly be missed were it not for the floor number displays above the entryway; and otherwise via an open spiral staircase giving the impression of a vertigo effect upon the observer. There are subtle differences per floor, featuring rich, dark coloration and preserved Noir charm. There is one hallway with nothing but a window at the end of it, as if someone could take a running leap straight through.

There definitely seems to be Dark Forces at work here. Personally, I would not recommend residing here for vacation or tourist purposes, but perhaps only for investigative exploration. Should you wish to stay at The Cecil while visiting Hell-A for a night of haunted experience, call 1-800-666-2691. ∞

*See The Devil's Notebook; Anton Szandor LaVey.



My impression of what happened to Elisa Lam is that she became as if "possessed", as it were, by a 'presence' {and otherwise environmental anomaly} that is actually discernible in this video still:

A shadowy mass can be seen precisely in the very spot where she is was standing {"LAM"?}. Plus, one has to wonder if the film "Dark Water" was playing that night on the closed circuit broadcast system, or she had seen it prior, influencing her to live out the scenes - she seemed very impressionable. Perhaps this combination of factors ultimately led to her demise. After all, she was inspired on a sudden with a persistent wanderlust that perhaps led her to become a veritable "sacrifice" to dark forces dwelling therein, who must feed... ∞

Current Location: The Haunted Noctuary
Current Music: Film: Dark Water

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