DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A Warlock's Observation

Welcome to Blackthorne Manor...

I hold nothing personal against the man, but I do think it is rather ironic that the underhanded threats leveled against the 'Warlock' character in the video "A Witch's Invitation" is actually apparently occurring to him.

In a somewhat related vain, I thought I once spotted one Dave Mustaine standing outside a nearby church {since demolished} igniting a cigarette at a former residence, while I was out on a Constitutional acquiring provisions. He sort of nodded at Me and avoided eye contact as I walked by. This was around the time when he began declaring his Christian beliefs, holding acoustic 'gospel rock' type concerts at churches, & considering himself "born again"; which just may be a gimmick to gain attention when musical careers falter, like wrestlers who go from bad guy to good guy and back again. That's showbiz.

Former brief Black Sabbath singer Jeff Felholt did the same thing for a time, even had his own show on the fraudulent TBN channel until his decline into obscurity.

To each his own.

Tags: christianity, constitutional, dracumentary, metal, music, video

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