Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Revelations, Hedgehog Day, & The Beer Elf


In lieu of the recent file 'revelations' the Catholic Church was forced to release, disgraced Cardinal Mahoney has been relegated back to St. Charles Borromeo Church in North Hollywood. Not normally of pertinence, but in this case carries some interest considering the church has a K-8 school attached where I attended for a time, and I've come to discover is also where he graduated from.

Again, 'two degrees of separation' as it brings to mind the time 'Devin Black' sketched an appropriately mutilated 'cruxifiction' on the chalk board in a local church classroom in Baldwin Park, as part of a program attended. A photo was taken of Mahoney contemplating the drawing, and another of it being drawn, with a Slayer back patch {Show No Mercy} facing the camera. which made the weekly church paper, probably with something along the lines of "Heaven meets Hell". ∞

Hedgehog Day

Ironically admitted shortly before the near-appellation, the "groundhog" emerges, Ron Jeremy is in the hospital for an aneurism of the heart, had two surgeries, and is currently convalescing towards a full recovery. Most know him from his pornographic roles and being a legend in the adult film industry, known appropriately as "the hedgehog" {reminds Me of those plush adult novelties}, but what about his entertaining comedic role in Orgazmo {Trey Parker/Matt Stone}, which actually displays some acting ability? He played "Clark", one of villainous Maxxx Orbison's performers/henchmen. I'm pretty sure Orbison is based on Rex Hickok, and an archetypal representation of unscrupulous Hollywood porn producers.

He is afflicted with narcolepsy, and can be frequently found dozing in-between scenes and in general. Besides his corpulent and hirsute appearance, it was related to Me by someone in the industry that he is notoriously odoriferous, showering sparingly, and quite the slob, what with inserting a steak into his trousers to save for later. It seems that somewhere along the line he became quite lazy, and that performing women only attend to him for the money. ∞

Zimpelton The Beer Elf

It has recently come to My attention that someone I used to briefly know from Citrus College has been accused of rape; more specifically, "rape by force or fear". Interesting what can be found out via those crime data aggregators, which has to be paid for to remove unfavorable legal histories, or find out more details.

I knew him as the "Beer Elf", who perpetually carried a twelve-pack of 'Natural Light' {a bland, watery beer} in his backpack, consuming it throughout the day, and was generous with it. If one spotted empty beer cans at some location on campus {usually in bushes}, that is "where the Beer Elf danced".

He was part of the electronic music class, and was a rather likable fellow overall, so when I read of this incident, My first reaction was "Really? Never knew he had it in him!" Yet it was still My instinct to not get too involved with him, more than just a casual acquaintance. He was on [mental] disability, which is how I suppose he paid for classes and beer. He did have a rather volatile history with his on and off again 'girlfriend', who threatened to tell the Police that he had raped her if just for a night's incarceration, so perhaps this is what actually happened, although from viewing the page, it seems he has been arrested on a few occasions, as varying, rather comical hairstyles and dress would indicate. ∞

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