Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Curse of Candlemas

Interesting points to ponder. The expanse of a week prior and after Dracmas is always fraught with disaster and calamity. This year's "sacrifices" include:

  • A 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan during Dracmas; an appropriate numerage. There was actually a swarm of tremors all over the globe around the 'Ring of Fire' in the 24 hours leading up to and during the first of February, 2013; including South America, Asia, & Alaska.
  • A mysterious explosion in Mexico City at a "Pemex Oil" building with a death toll of 33.
  • On the 27th of January, a deadly fire erupted at a Santa Maria Brazilian nightclub, with a death toll of 232.
  • Judgement Day: As an additional contemplation, the Catholic Church was legally admonished to release an unprecedented amount of previously classified documentation in a judgement detailing the names of criminal clergy it had concealed, effectively striking a huge blow against blindlight deceit and hypocrisy. LA Cardinal Roger Mahoney was completely dismissed in disgrace for contributing to the sex scandal.
  • 2/3: Ex-Cop begins revenge killing spree in California, triggering one of largest manhunts in U.S. history.
  • 2/6: 8.0 Earthquake in The Solomon Islands triggers 1.5 meter high waves. Subsequent aftershocks measure 7.1 causing additional tsunamis. Several missing, thought dead.
  • 2/11: Lightning bolt strikes The Vatican, in lieu of recent forced sexual abuse revelations.
  • 2/13: Killer Cop commits suicide amidst flames in cabin.
  • 2/15: In the wake of the release of The Blackthorne Chronicles {V. 1} on 2/13, two cosmological events would occur. An asteroid would course near the earth, the closest passage in history, while on the same day, the 'Chelyabinsk' meteor would enter earth's atmosphere above the Russian skies in a sonic blast equivalent to 500 kilotons of energy, 20-30 times greater than Nagasaki & Hiroshima, leaving widespread damage & injuries.

Previous incidents on Dracmas week include:

  • A stampede in Year XXXVIII during the presumptuous so-called "stoning the devil" event in Mina, Saudi Arabia, claimed 251 "pilgrims". This predicament is also prone to fires, disease, theft, violence, and accidents.
  • The Columbia {XXXVII A.S.} & Challenger {XX A.S.} space shuttle disasters.

Seems certain Shadow Forces are exceptionally active therein. These are historic factual observations on the anomele of "Candlemas Evil". ∞

Folklorically, known variously as the Pagan "Imbolc", and subsequent "Candlemas", this is traditionally observed by others on the 1st and 2nd of February, an observance of Midwinter, with displays of candled crowns of flame.

Satanically, the High Draconian Holiday of Dracmas was ascribed in personal observance of the Nativity of The Black Draegon; as such, can even be likened the Sabbatic Baphomet's crown of hellfire, lust and purification/renewal, undefiled wisdom.

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