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Repeal the 22nd Amendment!

President Bill Clinton playing 'Heartbreak Hotel' on the saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show.

From what has been observed, two term Presidency is like a quota system, like passing the dumb kid, and is a result of fecalitarian politics, instead of keeping a superior man in office. The 2 term limit was initiated because of Roosevelt's outstanding tenure, but someone somewhere thought that it would not be "fair" to other delegates, even though he was clearly the man for the job. Because of this, inferior candidates have been kept in office for their allotted two terms, some of whom clearly should have never been elected in the first place, considering voting poll shenanigans; it has been like a favor, because he gets no more than two - so might as well just give it to him, because he won't be able to return after that. This way, the competition factor for a truly deserving, or at least a fairly elected individual is eliminated, so that the politicians can go away feeling better about their term, without losing out, or feeling somehow insulted because of only one term, as it would seem to be an admittance of failure. It seems that unfortunately, mediocrity reaches all the way to the white house now.

The last noteworthy president in My estimation was Bill Clinton, who himself has recently stated being in favor of a repeal of the 22nd Amendment, that there should not be any term limits, and to this, I whole-heartedly agree, especially if it is he who is considering re-entering office. He has taken that break, and now it is high time he return. He receives My full support, and I would be pleased to vote for him.

Clinton seemed so much more natural than the typical stiffs in the political arena, at ease with himself, and in touch with the current of life. Even through the "scandals", had it not been for the moralistic static still lingering in the pretentious, hypocritical strata, he may have just been considered to be following his normal inclinations, where he would not have to 'hide' nascent desires. The fact that most American citizens had no real problem with his salacious activities, and remains a favorite, is indicative of what kind of 'chief' is preferred, one that reflects their own predispositions. What he does on his own private time in his personal life should not be the concern of such closet voyeurs, but instead be recognized as the normal needs and wants of a healthy human being.

Credit where credit is due: He kept the economy in check, gas prices down, war at bay, with a stimulating personality to boot. When he left office, it seems yet another indication of the 'Y2K Apocalypse' was made evident here as well. The Retrovolution goes marching on. ∞

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    P.S.: In recognition that most if not all elections are fixed, the herd manipulated into trend 'thinking', now that a negro candidate is in office {to sate racists}, perhaps a woman will be next {to sate misandrists}? After all, during Bill Clinton's tenure, the media was apt to designate the term "Billary" towards he and his wife Hillary's cooperation, and perhaps this shall be the other way around next time; Then perhaps a gay candidate, perhaps even eventually a gay black woman once all taboos are traversed. It will be most amusing to watch this unfold.


    Monica Lewinski {The Brunette}
    Monica LewinskiMonica Lewinski

    Gennifer Flowers {The Blonde}

    Paula Jones {The Redhead}

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