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Beetlejuice Cartoon Vol. 1

Around The Noctuary, presents are distributed for the Winter Solstice {the only xmas remnant which I found useful}, and here is something that will bring timeless enjoyment:

Beetlejuice Cartoon Vol. 1 has also come into My possession - If you also enjoy the film, which is yet another favorite, This is absolutely recommended for Infernal Progeny as well, for it is loads of fun and will inspire maniacal laughter. There are six volumes in this series, so there is much to look forward to!

Beetlejuice Cartoon Vol. 1 contains three episodes:

* Critter Sitters

Beetlejuice becomes inspired by Lydia's babysitting stint, so he goes off to 'baby sit' {literally} some neitherworld critters who prove too difficult to handle, resulting in a veritable rampage, destroying much of a Neitherworld towne. He is arrested and attends court presided by "Judge Mental", with Lydia as defense attorney.

* The Big Faceoff

Beetlejuice fears that his patented fright face just isn't scary enough anymore, as he fails to scare Lydia's father when he sleepwalks into the room, looking haggard and dishevelled. Beetlejuice enters a Gross-Out contest where he encounters a nearly worthy opponent, who does manage some impressive transmutations, but still cannot match up to Beetlejuice's improvised and surprising new ghoulish image.

* Skeletons In The Closet

Beetlejuice's lies catch up with him as his closet begins emitting a wailing "lies... lies!", which turns out to be his "skeletons in the closet" - it seems that in the Neitherworld, the more you lie, the more populated your closet becomes with these ghostly skeletons, who go about telling on him to his friends, who become hurt by his true opinions about them. The only way to be rid of these phantoms is to tell the truth.


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