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By Crom, so it shall be done!

Conan The Barbarian

I Am pleased to announce that the prognostication mentioned in a previous entry has been confirmed! Schwarzenegger has agreed to film King Conan scheduled for release in the remmus of Year XLIX A.S. The continuation of the tale of a majestic Conan ruling his kingdom, as alluded to in the Conan The Barbarian film. The Conan character speaks of survival and victory, ruling by his own hand, self-made and earned, resonating the Power of the Will and body. The Olympian was the natural choice, who has remained personally inspiring as well.*

This would be one of the few movies I would actually go to a theater for, as was done for the previous two, and it was a decided pleasure. ∞

* As a matter of fact, playing Pumping Iron and/or Conan while weight-training along with motivating music can be well-inspiring accompaniment.

  • Schwarzenegger Will Be King Conan!
  • Schwarzenegger: New Conan film will be “totally believable”.
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