Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

And now, a special message from "Below"...

Mean AdminAttn: Staff

Being a collector of virtually all things 'Satan', I was recently amused to be gifted with this plush figure named "Mean Admin" by Office Cronies. His description reads:

"I only smile for executives. Ask and you shall not receive. Order your own office supplies!"

He currently occupies a corner of the desk, and can serve as an inspiration. I currently also have the Vlad Tepes mini-bust nearby as well.

A 'modern' depiction of The Devil, His ears extend above his horns {He's listening...}, in what somewhat resembles a Cornu hand, with crossed arms and 'mean' expression. He displays the universal strike-through 'icon' for 'NO'. To Me, he symbolizes the element of doubt who is not easily amused or impressed, ergo, standards must be kept high and innovative. He demands you take personal responsibility yourself, and beware if you disappoint in any way. A draconian principle of excellence and evolution.

There are other characters in this toy line, but I think this one is definitely My favorite among them.

The Administration.

Tags: toys, xmas

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