DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Winter's Majesty

Nox Arcana: Winter's Majesty
XLVII A.S. Monolith Graphics. Genre: Instrumental; Orchestral, Seasonal.

Nox Arcana: Winter's MajestySo the cold ice winds have brought this enchanting music coursing along frost-laden hilltop and skeletal tree. As first snow falls, the whisping gusts clear the way for Winter's Majesty enthroned, scepter in one pale hand, the concentrated essence of Winter in the other.

The Winter King appears as a sage-like Wizard, rather resembling Christopher Lee in My observation, exuding Invernal Magic to the land, as the forest itself comes alive with wondrous apparitions sublime.

Ideal for Solstice celebrations and ceremonial accompaniment, every piece herein is a carol in itself, and is the companion opus to Winter's Knight & Winter's Eve. Played in succession, it yields a medieval charm gloriously complimenting the season, and enhance Solstice Sorcery, whether by the light of the snow moon, softly flickering candles, incense intermingling with the atmosphere, or reposing by the fireplace, perhaps even while on a invigorating Constitutional. Winter's Majesty is sure to add a regal ambiance in this Season of Lucifer.

Amidst timpan and fife, The Gregorian Shadow Choir echo through the wilderness, joined by an orchestra of violins, woodwinds, organ, bells, classical guitars, dulcimers, haunting piano, along with the introductory narration, and even a rendition of Scarborough Fair. Ghosts of the past merge with the present, leading you into the future in a diaphanous blanket of retrospective evolutions.

The booklet artistry featuring Vargo's imperious visual manifestations remains an elegant presentation throughout, an overall pleasing masterpiece on all counts. Whether submerging one's mind in the winter world amidst months of the chill or whatever time of year to create a total environment, the haunted gates are graced with a crystalline gleam, and so may the muses arise again. ∞

I was also pleased to find several postcards included of some of My favorite Vargo illustrations: Eclipse, Night Watcher, Dark Tower, Lector, Born of The Night, & Gargoyles. Ideal for sending forth in the post, framing, or as bookmarks.
Tags: art, magic, music, nox arcana, review, seasonal, seasons in hell, solstice, winter

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