Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Devil in Winter

Regarding Winter celebrations, as reiterated before, the Satanist adheres to The Winter Solstice {Saturnalia, or 'Satanalia', if you will}, not "christmas" {semantically}, where a yule ceremony may be performed in recognition of the seasonal shift as well as gestures of thankfulness and retrospective contemplation on one's accomplishments, infernal blessings attained through Magic, with decorations including any traditional elements from the season as desired, according to personal preference. All may be included if you wish, except for inclusions from the nazarene death cult. It's a Pagan holiday anyway, so just avoid and/or trim away traces of the jesus myth, to preserve the purity of perspective. Even 'Santa Claus' depictions are preferable as a Father Winter consideration, perhaps with a modification of "Satan Claus", Santa with horns, or fully Krampus {not as some subordinate, but entire unto himself}.

Satanists celebrate the solstices and equinoxes, Halloween, Walpurgisnacht, and more importantly, one's Highest holiday, one's own Birthday. To The Satanist, it is both a secular and religious holiday. But would you ask a Buddhist, Hindu, or Jew if or how they celebrate "christmas"? Jews have Hanukkah, & some other religions may do so in a secular sense, perhaps to appease family and friends, or to attain selfish gratification, whether receiving or giving to receive some other benefit; the latter can be agreed with in a third-side sense, if asked to attend some party or gathering on the 25th; the date which has become habitual amongst the herd.

This celebration may conclude on the 22nd, or if so inclined, may even extend to the 1st of January. I have two black pentagram stockings on the wall filled with treats, a yule tree in the living room topped with a pentagram {which may be a 'Halloween Tree' as sold, or merely ornament it with Halloween decorations and lights, as well as hanging whatever diabolical ornaments as desired, inclusive of pendants, charms, talismans, skulls, demons, etc.}; opened some gifts on the night of the 21st {black or Krampus wrapping paper preferred, with a red bow}, dispensed with gifts to the maternal progenitor on the 25th for her preference, and still have items scheduled for arrival in the mail all the way into January.

May the daemonseeds planted on this Solstice grant you great fruition! May your Winter be a most fulfilling one! ∞

Tags: birthday, holidays, krampus, satanalia, satanism, saturnalia, solstice, winter, xmas

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