DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Munsters' Scary Little xmas

When Grandpa's sorcery summons Santa Claus from the North Pole near xmas, The Munsters make the best of it while a counter-spell can be concocted. In the meantime, party-seeking elves inadvertently turn Old St. Nick into a fruitcake, Lily excels in a holiday decorating contest, and Marilyn falls in love with a biker, whose fellow cyclists help Santa on his journey.

The Munsters series never had a specific xmas episode until this 'special' aired; and neither did they have a specific Halloween episode until 'The Munsters' Revenge' film aired much later. Still, an amusing take on the Santa myth. ∞

Tags: comedy, entertainment, film, humor, movie, munsters, video, xmas

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