Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Sex & Satan!

Had the pleasure of sending a request to Satan Claus recently, and currently awaiting the spoils of indulgence. I have already possessed two CD's of evocative holiday compositions, upgrading from tape to disc: The Sounds of Demons & Dementia and The Dark Side of The Xmas Tree. The former is a compendium of atmospheric sound effects ideal as an undercurrent in one's environment, which can actually attract and enhance likened elements to compliment one's Lair. The latter is a whimsically sacrilegious collection slaughtering holy cows with Lokian humor, as well as providing some perspective on the herd's programmed winter activities, which are done mostly by habit. The prime character heralding this observance is 'Santa Claus', essentially a Father Winter figure, which should be celebrated on the 21st/22nd, not the 25th. On the other hand, it is an amusing consideration to observe the desert scene of a manger beneath a pine tree {perhaps a palm tree would be more apropos, although these are often depicted with little plastic palm trees as part of the scene}, with depictions of snow surrounding. Which to Me is such a glaring admittance of christianity's plagiarism upon other cultural traditions and mythologies.

We Satanists celebrate the Winter Solstice, as corollary with Scientific astronomical contemplation, as a recognition of the changing of the seasons. The only reason a Satanist would take part in 'xmas' would be for the benefit of family who may place an importance therein, which would benefit one in some selfish manner. There is no place for the jesus myth in Satanism. Those still traversing 1st phase level may find it stimulating to perform a Black Mass, and xmas would be perfect timing. A proposed "Satan Claus" {or 'Krampus Claws', as it were} characteristic would dispense with self-attained possessions for gratification and the satisfaction of accomplishment to attain the resources to acquire them. Desire + Action = Accomplishment, Attainment. At any period of the year.

So I decided to summon The Devil's Ecstasy DVD {previously only on VHS}, Satanic Sickies DVD collection V. 1 {to accompany V. 2, a horror-erotica themed collection of underground devil films heavily influenced by Magus LaVey's litany from The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals, considering he was writing for various erotica magazines with his column Letters To The Devil}, Nox Arcana's Winter's Majesty CD {whose musical art & sorcery is greatly appreciated}, two shirts from ASP Apparel {We Are Legion, & The Den of Iniquity}, & a Baphomet lighter. Being that gifting LB would bring Me gratification with Love/Lust, I got her a Tahitian black pearl necklace, which I know she had been coveting. It will be a decided pleasure to watch her wearing it with pride, which in turn will compliment mine. ∞

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, erotica, possessions, satan, satanalia, saturnalia, sensuality, sex, sinemaerotica, spechtreum, winter, xmas

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