Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


For what it's worth, today is a 9 date. 1+2=3x3=9. So apparently people have been scrambling, again, to get married today. But if so inclined, perform a particularly 'wicked' deed today, for tomorrow is the 13th.

Conversely, the forthcoming dreaded 'apocalyptic' 9 date of 12.21.12 contains the same numerage. But what may this portend? In My opinion, just like 'Y2K' marked a de-evolution in the culture for a decade, from music to movies to architecture, literature, art and aesthetics, even politics, what amounts to basically a mistake to learn from, so may this veritable Ragnarok Solstice mark a retrovolution wherein the inferior, mediocre dross of character and quality currently plaguing the multimedia spectrum dissolve in favor of a return and preservation to what allows for continual upward evolution in all walks of life, devoid of blindlight corruption. Pentagonal Revisionism & Daemonocracy realized. The ligature stretched to the limit, the recoiling is a new beginning ∞

Tags: math, mathemagics, numbers, numerology

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