Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Winter Solstice XXXIX Anno Satanas

As the icy grip of Father Winter embraces the land, we Satanists are warmed with the hellflames from within and without, calling to mind crystalline visions of the carnal festivals of olde, the raging balefires beneath the Solstice moon, the blessed darkness all-pervasive, beloved and preserved. And so let the celebrations begin this sacred night, that the invigorating frost of the season create the masterpieces of Nature's resplendency. And may the tenebrious passions swirl about the Children of Darkness, forging a momentum unparalleled for the coming year, of the mastery of The Black Earth!

Hail Satan!</a>
In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne
Warlock, Church of Satan
The Noctuary, Winter Solstice, XXXIX A.S.
* Church of Satan News: Be sure to read the Solstice Greetings from High Priest Gilmore

The History Channel

"Our in-depth History of Hades begins with the story of a
negative near-death experience, in which a man thinks he went
to Hell after being declared clinically dead and
before resuscitation. Following Lucifer's trail from cave
paintings in France circa 6,000 BC to current portrayals in
popular culture, our 2-hour exploration shows how Hell and the
Devil remain powerful forces--at a church in Texas, where
souls are delivered from Satan's grip; in talks with a
survivor of the 1980s recovered memory craze, who "recalled"
attending Witches' Sabbaths that practiced cannibalism; and at
the modern CHURCH OF SATAN. We review literary landmarks that
expanded our ideas of the Underworld, from Dante's Inferno and
Milton's Paradise Lost to Mark Twain's anti-hero, and trace
development of Christian, Moslem, Jewish, and Buddhist
conceptions of the afterlife."

* Source

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