Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

North Hollywood

Another foray to North Hollywood yielded further observations of a rather unpleased nature. Seems this area is now widely referred to as "NoHo", as per the herd's peculiar habit of abbreviating everything, seemingly attempting to degrade the language into a monosyllabic mishmash - laziness, perhaps. With a couple of exceptions, the areas beyond LP/VP reek of pretentiousness, largely occupied by so-called "hipsters", which seem to be a cross between "Grunge" {the return of the hippies} and "Emo" {suicidal, self-destructive; not Goth; also known as "posers"}, with a pop-alternative programming, pretensions towards rebellion, but in a trendy prescribed manner. Like sheep pretending to be wolves. Again, an alternative to the so-called "alternative" is recognized.
The area now known as the so-called "Arts District" is overdeveloped and overpopulated, especially around the area where Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do dojo was {"Cobra Kai" dojo; Lankershim & Magnolia}. Sensei Ken has relocated to Burbank {now known as Ken Nagayama Martial Arts}. However, the restaurant where the Danny Larusso character from The Karate Kid was dining with his mother across the way is there as a bar/diner.

There is a balance that should be preserved, between nature and architecture - one should compliment the other.

At Laurel/Valley Plaza, where there was space between the street and the businesses with a parking lot is now stacked to the curb {especially evident in an ugly middle school built there, with apparently the former parking lot now a flat field therein - I'd hate attending there Myself, what with all the traffic, pollution, people}, creating a crowding effect. Trees are sparse, even at nearby parks.

Nature is the cradle in which a population and its structures should rest.

It was cool, with the day slowly lapsing into night, so we decided to sit down at one of the benches for lunch. There was some sort of shoot going on, which reminds Me that this park was featured as the environmental background on several episodes of favored series Knight Rider, most particularly the episode Deadly Knightshade, guest starring prestidigitator/illusionist Lance Burton, wherein a hearse crashes on the corner and erupts into flames! And this just a few yards from the Y.

I tried the Wienerschnitzel "tamale" {a "beanerschnitzel"?}, more for the novelty of it than anything else, considering the humor factor of a German-themed fast food joint offering mexican food. It was, shall we say, expectedly diminutive & bland; but the real meal of the time was a nice helping of Del Taco's burritos and tacos {practically soaked in 'Del Scorcho' hot sauce} - herd feed, not exactly Garduno's or Snappy's, but workable for the circumstance. Upon disposal, this park has solar trash receptacles, which apparently compacts the contents. However, I did consider an idea for such fast food establishments to install rails for vehicles to be coasted into the drive-thru like a car wash, thus saving on fuel, decrease some pollution, seem very considerate, and would guarantee an exponential increase in revenue. ∞

* Laurel Plaza.
* Devin Black Haunts.

Tags: aesthetics, architecture, black earth, dracling, dracumentary, evocation, food, infernal progeny, knight rider, martial arts, travel

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