DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Halloween: Trick Or Treat?

Halloween: Trick or Treat?
Jeremiah Films. Caryl Matrisciana, Hal Lindsey Chuck Smith. Genre: Satanic Panic/documentary

Don't let the christians get you down. Halloween is a wonderful holiday filled with mystery, imagination, and wonder. The JC religions have plagiarized other cultures, renamed traditions, "holy"-watered them down, and pass it off as their own, resulting in an inferior version of virtually everything; then convince the gullible that their natural instincts are wrong, that they have a non--existent solution to a non-existent problem. With enough badgering, perhaps they make take some of the more simple-minded into their fold, and that is good riddance, perhaps that is where they belong, among the other whitewashed zombies. To each their own.

For all of the criticism and condemnation of horror movies, one of the interviewees {who seems like a shill} ironically sounds like he is cribbing his stores straight from one {he really does appear to making it up as he goes along: as if scrambling for scenarios by referencing sublimated horror movie scenes - the more stable-minded may find oneself recalling which movie that one was from!}; but being fundamentalist types, it is not surprising that they badly copy & literalize everything.

Despite whatever superstitious origins, Halloween has evolved to become a night of fantasy and revery, pretending and fun, whereas those who would try to ban Halloween presume their mythological notions to be literal, viewing the world in a fabricated context. Leave it to a blindlighter to try to spoil the party.

Scenes include footage of weakan ceremonies, trick or treaters gleefully collecting candy, monster masks, and interviews with horror fans who keep things in balanced perspective.

So go ahead, dress up in a terrifying costume and dispense with the treats for the little ones, play board and/or traditional games, watch the horror movies of your choice, engage in haunted house and/paranormal activities, have a Halloween gathering, and for the more serious-minded or darkly inclined, empower oneself with a commemoration; creating an enchanting time overall, which will resonate throughout the year.

This presentation is the owl's hoot, both a trick and a treat. Another sad, if not unintentionally amusing offering from Jeremiah Films. ∞

Tags: christinsanity, dractober, halloween, satanic panic

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